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One-click Subscribe plug-ins

Plug-ins are mark up tags that users can embed in email marketing messages.

The One-click Subscribe Plug-In lets users insert an HTML tag into the body of an email message that, when clicked, adds the email address of the email recipient to a specified list. When you click, the One-click Subscribe link displays a confirmation page, if one has been specified for the list. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing lets users create an unlimited number of subscription center pages with different layouts and designs. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing automatically generates a One-click Subscribe Plug-In for each email subscription list. The format of the One-click Subscribe page can be customized for each email message.

Benefits of the One-click Subscribe Plug-In

There are benefits to users who use the One-click Subscribe Plug-In:

  • It immediately adds the email recipient to a specified mailing list.

  • It makes it easy for email recipients to opt-in to the mailing lists they want to receive.

Specify which lists are displayed on the One-click Subscribe Page

To specify which lists can be used with a One-click Subscription Plug-In:

  1. Click Lists.

  2. Open the list you want to add as a One-click Subscription Plug-In.

  3. Click the Show on Subscription Center page check box.

  4. Click Submit.

View and use one-click subscribe plug-ins

One-click Subscribe Plug-Ins are not displayed on the Plug-Ins page since they are automatically generated by Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. To view One-click Subscribe Plug-Ins:

  1. Open the email message you want to add a One-click Subscribe Plug-In to.

  2. On the Body of the email, click the Design tab.

  3. Position your cursor where you want to insert the field.

  4. Select the One-click Subscribe Plug-In from the Plug-Ins pull-down menu.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing inserts the One-click Subscribe Plug-In.

Customize the one-click subscribe acknowledgment page

To customize the One-click Subscribe Acknowledgment page for an email marketing message:

  1. Open the Email Marketing section.

  2. Click Plug-Ins.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays all the plug-ins that have been created.

  3. Click the Subscription Center Page that you want to use for the email marketing message.

  4. Edit the One-Click Body.

  5. Click Submit.

One-click subscribe acknowledgment page

The following items are displayed:

  • Subscription Center Header

  • One-Click Body

  • Subscription Center Footer

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