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Organize messages using folders

View and organize email marketing messages in folders in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

View email marketing message folders

To view email marketing message folders:

  1. On the Home tab, click Marketing Execution.

  2. Under Email Marketing, choose Email Marketing Messages.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays email marketing messages folders.

Create new email marketing message folders

You can create as many email marketing message folders as you require. To create a new folder:

  1. Click the Email Marketing Messages folder, and then click the New Folder button .

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing opens the new email marketing message folder page.

  2. Enter a name for the folder.

  3. Click OK.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing adds a new subfolder in the email marketing folder.

Edit email marketing message folders


You can't delete email marketing message folders; you can inactivate them so that they no longer appear if they contain no messages.

To edit an email marketing message folder:

  1. Open the folder you want to modify.

  2. Click the folder name.

  3. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing opens the email marketing message folder page.

  4. Enter the information; or clear the Active check box.

  5. Click OK.

Move email marketing messages to a new folder

To move an email marketing message from one folder to another:

  1. Open the message you want to move.

  2. Select the folder from the pull-down menu.

  3. Click Submit.