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Route social media messages for approval

The Social Media Messages dashboard lets users create Facebook and Twitter messages quickly, route them for approval, schedule them for future delivery, and view sent messages.


To work with social media messages, you must have Edit/View Social Media Messages privileges. More information: Work with user accounts and staff contacts.

Route social media messages for approval

To route social media messages for approval:

  • Select the messages to be routed.


  • Click the Route for Approval button on the Message Editing panel.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing prompts the user to select the Approval Template. More information: Manage review and approval routing

Send on approval

Messages scheduled for delivery are automatically sent once they have been approved by all reviewers.

  • If the scheduled date of the message has passed, the message will be sent immediately upon the completion of the approval request.

  • If the approval request is for multiple messages, if the Approval Request is approved by all reviewers, all the messages will be sent; conversely, if the request is not approved by all, none of the messages will be sent.

Send messages routed for approval; not approved

Messages that have been routed for approval but not approved by all, and messages that are still being routed, can be sent by users from the Social Media Messages dashboard.

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