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Track lodging, setup rooms, and assign guests

Set up rooms quickly, assign guests to them, and track lodging arrangements for event attendees by using the Room Block wizard in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

In Microsoft Dynamics Marketing:

  • Lodging refers to all functions and activities related to tracking accommodations for event attendees (guests) and staff.

  • Accommodations are the physical spaces where the guests reside. Rooms, cabins, bunks, etc. are all accommodations.

  • Room Blocks are sets of rooms associated with an event and venue with similar characteristics.

  • Lodging Items are individual accommodations (rooms, suites, beds, etc) that can be associated with a guest. If each guest has her own room, a lodging item would be a room (with its own room number), if multiple guests share a room, a lodging item corresponds to a bed.

View lodging

  1. On the Home tab, choose Marketing Execution.

  2. Under Event Management, choose Lodging.

  3. Click or tap the Lodging page.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays a summary view showing the quantity of available and assigned accommodations that have been set up for each event.

Search for a specific room

  1. Type a word or phrase into the search bar.

  2. Click or tap Go.

Change the column order

Click or tap on any column heading to sort the list using in alphabetical order; click or tap it again to sort the list in reverse alphabetical order.

Filter items

  1. Click or tap the Search/Filter button to toggle from Search (default) to Filter.

  2. Select the information you want to use as a filter by clicking on the Filter On pull-down menu.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays the filter categories that are available.

  3. Click or tap the Value pull-down to choose the value that you want to filter on.  

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing applies the filter and displays the information that matches.

  4. Select a date range, or enter a custom date range.

  5. Click or tap Go.

Remove a filter

Click or tap Clear to remove the filter.

Create a new room block

  1. Click or tap the Room Block wizard button.

  2. Enter the information.

  3. Click or tap Submit.

Reserve an accommodation

  1. Click or tap the Show Details/Summary button to see availability.

  2. Select the item you want to reserve by checking its box .

  3. Click or tap the Reserve button .

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays a page that lets you to select the guest.

  4. Select the contact, and click or tap Submit.

Cancel a reservation

  1. Click or tap Show Details/Summary to see availability.

  2. Select the reservation you want to cancel by checking its box .

  3. Click or tap the Cancel button.

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