Empowering the Public Sector with Microsoft Dynamics

Organizations are powered by passionate individuals who are fully empowered to make a difference. When given the right solutions, these people can realize their full potential, make government leaner and more responsive, and ensure the outcomes that citizens demand. 

CRM solutions to manage public organizations and government

A complete end-to-end CRM public sector solution for organizations

Citizen relationship management brings the power of customer relationship management (CRM) to government agencies. With CRM public sector software, small and large e-governmental agencies can track and manage their constituents online, increase cost efficiency, securely manage data, and offer convenient services and transactions around the clock. These combined solutions can be tailored to your organizational needs to help build connections and increase citizen satisfaction.

Complete end-to-end CRM public sector solution for organizations


Microsoft Dynamics helps government organizations at all levels, including government administration, public services, public safety, justice, defense, and health and human services, with public sector solutions such as 311 citizen service, grants management, case management, permitting, licensing and financial administration.  With Microsoft solutions, governments can do NEW with less, by building on existing investments at their own pace to create a modernization approach that works today and is sustainable into the future.  

Government administration management software

Government cloud

Microsoft delivers a cloud-based solution to United States federal, state, and local government customers and government-authorized entities helping leaders, policy makers and those they serve to achieve greater impact within their communities. With core case management functionality out of the box and a variety of built-for-government solutions available, organizations can focus on tailoring Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet their unique mission requirements. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government has features designed to support several certifications-including FedRAMP, HIPAA, and CJIS -providing a far higher level of security than most state and local governments can achieve on their own.

Government management solution in the cloud

Public safety and justice

Improve coordination between programs and agencies, and streamline public safety management with solutions to track offenders, manage incidents, investigate crimes, and respond to emergencies. Whether behind a desk or in the field, Microsoft Dynamics provides solutions for correction management, case management, emergency and disaster response, crime prevention, and asset/fleet management, while ensuring full privacy and confidentiality of data assets.

Public safety and justice

Public services

As governments and administrations contend with the challenges of growing citizen service expectations and shrinking financial resources, they need new tools to promote citizen engagement and government responsiveness. With a consistent view of information—regardless of where it is stored—and well-defined processes that guide workers to the next best decision through tasks at each stage of the case life cycle, a case management solution can support a variety of cases and citizen interactions. An easy-to-use interface helps to streamline important tasks, such as grant writing, field inspections, permitting, licensing, and call center management.

Public service


Want a more dynamic health organization? With Microsoft Dynamics, you can manage expanding caseloads, monitor delivery of care, and track client, patient, and program outcomes—whether in the office or in the field. You can empower your employees to be more proactive, while gaining the visibility and accountability your patients and clients demand. Microsoft Dynamics helps health organizations at all levels, including healthcare providers, health and human services and health plans.

Microsoft Dynamics helps health organizations at all levels


To help enhance overall student achievement, reduce dropout rates, improve faculty development, and better understand and anticipate student need, educational institutions can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to unify how data is captured, analyzed, and shared, develop more data-informed decision making, and deliver information on any device, anytime, anywhere. When you use Dynamics CRM to manage your school’s student, parent, teacher, and community relationships, you’ll have the flexibility to match your existing processes, and role-based and field-level security features help you ensure that individuals see only the data they are allowed to see.

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