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Microsoft Edge features for work

A fast browser with intuitive Microsoft experiences and time-saving work search.

The browser proven to save time at work

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Do more with Microsoft

The Microsoft apps and docs you use daily are at your fingertips on every new tab.

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Save time with work search1

Save a lot of time – 5 to 10 days a year – when you use work search to pull up information and docs from internal sites.

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Block more phishing scams

Browse with the highest-rated protection against phishing scams and malware.

Features for work— to get the job done fast

Access Microsoft apps—and your files—quickly, with innovative experiences that help you save time and simplify your workday.

  • Microsoft 365 apps2
  • Microsoft Search
  • Collections
  • Smart copy
  • PDF
  • Vertical Tabs

A Microsoft dashboard in your browser

Save time and pick up where you left off. Microsoft Edge gives you a work dashboard with Microsoft apps, files, and search every time you open a new tab.

to work, once

Sign-in to Microsoft Edge with your work credentials to stay in your flow with single sign-on and sync between devices.

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    Pivot easily between profiles

    Get a helping hand with automatic profile switching. Microsoft Edge recognizes the credentials you need and switches you to the profile that has them.

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    Frictionless sign on

    With single sign-on, login to your work profile to securely access your daily work sites without the hassle of reentering your work credentials.

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    Sync across devices

    Access your personalized Microsoft Edge experience wherever you’re logged in with passwords, extensions, favorites, and more.

Security for you and your work

Microsoft Edge is designed with security and privacy in mind to give you control over your data while helping to protect company information.

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Protection from scams

Microsoft Edge offers the highest-rated protection against phishing and malware compared to Chrome and other industry-leading browsers.

Screenshot of an Edge browser page showing tracking settings

Privacy you control

Microsoft Edge gives you more control over your data—like limiting sites that track you—with tracking prevention.

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Password defense

Password Monitor can notify you when it detects that your credentials have been compromised.


Work across devices

Microsoft Edge is available on all supported versions of Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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Get Started Guide

Learn how to set up Microsoft Edge and use features for work.

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Microsoft Edge Insider

Get the latest news and innovations from Microsoft Edge Insider.

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Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Edge


Check if Microsoft Edge is already installed on your device. On Windows 10, search for it from the Start menu. On macOS, search for it using Spotlight.​

You can easily import your favorites, browsing history, saved passwords and more from other browsers. Ready to import your data? Start here

Microsoft Edge helps you save time with built-in, intelligent workplace search and brings the Microsoft apps and services you use daily front and center. It’s the only browser proven to save you 5 to 10 days of time per year. Microsoft Edge protects you too, offering the highest-rated protection against phishing and malware when compared to other industry leading browsers.

Absolutely! Microsoft Edge was rebuilt from the ground up on the Chromium open-source engine to offer industry-leading compatibility for sites and apps. On top of that, we continually look for new ways to reduce resource consumption and provide the best browsing experience we can. One of those performance improvements coming soon is sleeping tabs, which you can read more about here.

Yes! You get world-class compatibility for modern and older sites on Microsoft Edge. We know that many organizations have older, legacy sites that you can only open in Internet Explorer. Juggling different browsers for your daily tasks slows you down. In Microsoft Edge, you can open those sites and leave Internet Explorer closed.

Your privacy is something we take seriously, and we understand the role the browser can play in protecting it. We have built-in tools like Tracking prevention to give you more control over your privacy. Read more about what we are doing to protect your privacy here.

Microsoft Edge helps you protect and manage your family’s time online by working with Microsoft Family Safety features like screen time limits, content filtering, and activity reports. With one app, manage across Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 devices and Xbox One. Learn more about Microsoft Family Safety here.

1 Study: New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Search In Bing, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, April 2020

2 Microsoft 365 subscription required.

3 Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise subscription required.

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