Edge for Business

Internet Explorer mode (IE mode)

Backwards compatibility for legacy apps and sites within a modern browser.

The IE mode difference

Microsoft Edge for Business is the only browser with built-in compatibility for legacy IE-based sites and apps.

Keep using your apps

Keep using your legacy IE-based sites and apps even though IE11 has retired.

Improve compatibility

Enjoy world class compatibility from dual modern and legacy engines.

Increase security

Get the frequent security and feature updates of a typical modern browser.

Simplify to one

Streamline to a single browser to run all sites, modern and legacy.

Using IE mode

For organizations

Configure IE mode for your users with an enterprise site list.

For individuals

Need to use IE mode on your PC? Learn how to reload an older webpage in IE mode.

Set up IE Mode

Set up Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) using a guided set up. Our virtual agent can also help to answer questions.

Create site list

Perform site discovery to identify legacy sites or reuse an older enterprise site list.

Set policies

After site discovery, enable IE mode using Microsoft Edge for Business policies.


Test IE mode

Automated IE mode testing is possible, using Internet Explorer Driver.


After testing, troubleshoot to make sure websites function as expected.

Move to Edge

When you’re ready, disable IE in your organization and move users to Microsoft Edge for Business.


No cost compatibility assistance

Contact App Assure for no cost remediation assistance with compatibility issues.

Customer success with IE mode on Microsoft Edge for Business

“IE mode saved time for us and allowed us to have a modern browser now.” David Pfaff, Bundesagentur für Arbeit
“One browser that does it all.” Michael Freedberg, GlaxoSmithKline
“People were so positive about the productivity benefits of accessing apps from a single browser.” Cameron Edwards, National Australia Bank
“We were able to get those Internet Explorer apps and sites working in Internet Explorer mode.” Brandon Laggner, AdventHealth

Deploy Microsoft Edge for Business today

Get Microsoft Edge with its latest features for all major platforms.

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