Internet Explorer 11 will be permanently disabled as part of the February 2023 Windows security update ("B") release scheduled for February 14, 2023.

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A composite illustration of a monitor displaying the Microsoft Edge with icons representing the ability to use multiple profiles and the ability to view multiple files.

Your project links in one place

Links sent back and forth are hard to keep track of! Stay on the same page with your group by sharing the same set of browser tabs.

Your work dashboard

Easily get started from a dashboard with your Microsoft 365 files, calendar, and more. 1

Time-saving hack

Microsoft Search can save up to 5-10 days a year looking for internal files, people, and information.

Love your tabs again

Rediscover your tabs—organize tabs into groups and go vertical for more space.

Multiple profiles

Easily pivot between different profiles for frictionless sign-in and sync.

Deploy Microsoft Edge today

Get Microsoft Edge with its latest features for all major platforms.

Set up Edge now

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Feature availability may differ based on platform and region.

1 Microsoft 365 subscription sold separately.