Unlock the potential of every student with Microsoft Education partners and Windows 11 SE

Have you heard? There’s a brand-new Windows edition, and it’s made just for education. Meet Windows 11 SE, a version of Windows that’s reimagined for a new era of digital learning and optimized for low-cost devices.

Reimagine digital learning with Windows 11 SE and partners

Have you heard? There’s a brand-new Windows edition, and it’s made just for education. Meet Windows 11 SE, a version of Windows that’s reimagined for a new era of digital learning and optimized for low-cost devices.

With an easy-to-use interface and a curated menu of education apps, Windows 11 SE supports today’s blended learning environment while giving students and schools the ability to work both online and offline and access digital learning—all with the performance and reliability you expect from Microsoft.

Our partners are bringing the vision of Windows 11 SE to life on devices that are custom-built for security and easy remote management, creating powerful tools to learn, collaborate, and create in a secure and trusted environment for students of all abilities. All of these applications and tools are available now for IT admins to securely deploy Windows SE devices.

 Windows 11 SE runs the browser-based apps you rely on, and also supports many pre-installed essential education apps. Here are just a few:


Dolphin SuperNova is a secure, reliable screen reading and magnification software for people who are blind or partially sighted. Through customized magnified views, audio, and braille, SuperNova assistive technology provides access to all areas of Windows and Windows applications. It enables people with visual impairments to read screens and succeed in education and the workplace.

With e-Speaking.com’s Voice and Speech Recognition, students can control their computer, dictate emails and letters, and have the computer read documents back to them. This simple solution lets them command and control their Windows 11 SE computer through their voice and operate their computer with minimal keystrokes or mouse clicks. If they want to move the cursor down one line, they simply say, “Down one.” Want to check emails? Simply say, “Open email.”

Freedom Scientific offers JAWS® (Job Access With Speech) and ZoomText ® with Windows 11 SE. These solutions give blind and low-vision students technology that allows them to work side by side with their sighted peers, using the world’s most popular screen reader and screen magnifier.  

NextUp technologies offers both NextUp Talker and TextAloud. NextUp Talker allows people with vocal impairments to use text-to-speech on a PC to facilitate conversational speech, while TextAloud converts text from documents, webpages, PDF files, and more into natural sounding speech, so you can listen on your PC or create audio files. 

Texthelp’s read&write is a literacy support tool that offers help for everyday tasks to meet the needs of different learners, including reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, and proofing written work.


Kite Suite Dynamic Learning Maps from Kite Student Portal helps educators manage student data, make selections for instructionally embedded assessments, and retrieve directions for administration. Kite Suite has easy-to-use navigation, built-in accessibility tools, practice testlets, and much more.  

Browsing and collaboration

Windows 11 SE can run apps that run in a browser, either in Edge or Chrome, which is very common for education apps. Web apps do not require installation on the device. And either Zoom or Teams can be used for classroom collaboration.

Content filtering  

Lightspeed Filter™, Lightspeed Alert™,and Lightspeed Classroom Management™ products integrate with Microsoft 365 apps on Windows 11 SE to empower district leaders and educators with the visibility, actionable insights, and tools to ensure student safety and engagement during remote and hybrid learning. Learn more about Lightspeed Systems’ integrations with Microsoft Education

What’s next for the Windows SE 11 and partners?

With Windows 11 SE, Microsoft Education partners can help provide your classroom, school, or district with truly equitable education solutions on a wide range of affordable, personalized devices that are built for inclusive, accessible learning. And, with a cleaner interface and fewer distractions, Windows 11 SE helps students and educators focus on what’s important: learning.

Unlock the power of creativity and collaboration by visiting Windows 11 SE and learn about the various partner solutions we’ve offered today!