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Tara 365 Learning

At Tara 365 Learning (365 Learning), we specialise in digital transformation in the education sector through strategic planning, expert led continued professional development & training, simple technology deployments and independent project management and guidance.
Tara 365 Learning specialises in ensuring that your educational digital transformation journey is one that involves all stakeholders, different strategies are applied to the various organisation roles, training is personalised & role specific and technology plays a true transformative role.  Through our own extensive experience across Ireland in over 100 schools, ETBs, further education and all levels of education leadership, we are committed to ensuring teachers and students have technology resources available that will enhance the learning experience and create more productive, collaborative learning communities. As called out in the National Strategy for Schools 2015-2020, effective ICT integration in schools is a challenge.
"All too often schools are not clear as to what ICT integration looks like and therefore are unsure how they can achieve it"
Our mission is to ensure that schools and education bodies are clear on this and can achieve it through a tailored, integrated, holistic approach to digital transformation in education.
Our team has a wealth of education sector experience both working in the sector as education professionals and working as partners with various entities (schools, ETBs, national education & training organisations) in the education sector.
We provide the following services: 1. ICT Project Management services for Schools and ETBs 2. Digital Transformation training and coaching for School Leaders, Teachers and educational Administrators. 3. Mobile Device training for Teachers, Leaders and Administrators 4. ICT consultancy for digital transformation planning and implementation