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Countries serviced

Algeria, Egypt: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates

Services provided

Coding and STEM


Zaka is an AI education, consultancy, and team augmentation company. At Zaka, we aim to be an inclusive guide for organizations into Artificial Intelligence. We strongly believe in the power of AI and in enabling organizations to find the perfect AI fit for their needs. One of our primary aims at Zaka is to provide the proper Artificial Intelligence (AI) awareness to the community in the MENA region to prepare them for the new technological era. In AI education , we curate AI courses and training to best fit our customers’ industry and workforce. We focus on culturing a practical delivery of knowledge to allow our consumer to exit the learning experience with the knowledge and, most importantly, the skills to grow while working on versatile AI projects. In AI consultancy , we help organization assess, strategize, and implement AI solutions to improve and optimize their business processes. In AI team augmentation , we train and foster a community of AI talent to create job opportunities and onboard the right skills to fit an organization’s needs.