Connected campus and school experiences

Microsoft Azure IoT Services can help you bring the Internet of Your Things to life, and turn your campus into a fully connected one.

Today’s campuses are evolving, but one thing remains the same: the importance of the campus experience.

Your students depend on technology to live, work and play. As administrators, you want to provide the best — after all, the best tools attract the best applicants. At the same time, you need your school operations to run as efficiently as possible.

We know change isn’t easy. But thanks to the Internet of Things, you’re probably closer than you think. It starts with realizing the potential of the Internet of Your Things — the infrastructure, devices and data already in place in your school.

Microsoft and partners offer solutions that can help you:

Improve Efficiency & Optimize Operations

Enhance the Student Experience

  • Transportation, parking and safety management
  • Campus transactions and instant payment
  • Productivity and communications infrastructure

Keep Students Safe

  • Emergency notification and situation management
  • Real-time observation and access control
  • Remote help summoning and quick dispatch
  • Social media mining

You can run your campus, or you can make it thrive. Microsoft Azure can help.

Get started by talking with your Microsoft rep (live chat) who can connect you with the right partners.

European School of Management and Technology

The school began testing Microsoft Surface Hub, a team collaboration device that makes it easy to hold lectures with remote experts, work together on group projects, and bridge gap between education anf industry. Using Surface Hub, ESMT promotes integrated learning, delivers engaging curriculum, and encourages students to take an active role for a more collaborative classroom environment

  • The Peirce School

    Situation: After consolidating into one building and an investment in a chiller, the school needed to reduce energy bills to fit their tight operating budget.

    Solution: Using Azure and ICONICS, the school sped fault detection and increased energy efficiency.

  • Carnegie Mellon

    Situation: The school faced challenges in studying building efficiency due to expensive systems which lacked predictive and energy efficiency capabilities.

    Solution: Using Power BI and Azure Machine Learning, CMU proactively addresses problems, reducing energy costs.

  • Microsoft Campus

    Situation: The 125-building campus struggled to unify an incongruent array of sensors, causing energy efficiency challenges.

    Solution: Harvesting billions of data points per week from building sensors enables insights leading to a 10% reduction in energy cost.

  • European School of Management and Technology

    Situation: In an effort to foster a more active student culture, the school sought ways to create collaborative classrooms, offer flexible solutions to missed classes and more.

    Solution: The Microsoft Surface Hub brings connectivity, access, and powerful multimedia power to students while Skype for Business supports communication and collaboration.

  • Femeba Foundation (Fundación Femeba)

    Situation: A leading institute in medical staff training needed tools that could work seamlessly with Moodle to create a more collaborative and dynamic work environment.

    Solution: The school gained real-time collaboration, advanced communication tools, IT support, and a cloud-based storage space after integrating Office 365 and Moodle.

  • University of Puerto Rico, Humacao

    Situation: After a spike in crime rates, the campus needed solutions for a number of security issues.

    Solution: INVID helped create an emergency button app, allowing users to notify the security office in an emergency and share their GPS location.

  • Quinnipiac University

    Situation: The aging technology of existing card access and financial transaction systems caused significant limitations on campus.

    Solution: With Blackboard Transact, contactless multi-function readers and an easy-to-use card alternative help improve campus life.

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