Student lifecycle and success management

Microsoft platforms can open up new possibilities to help your institutions attract the best students, create optimum student results, and elevate your institutional performance.
We provide the technology that can help you successfully manage student lifecycles and performance.

It starts with finding the best students. It continues when educators use data analytics to help create the best learning outcomes. And it ends with a thorough assessment of institutional performance. That’s the journey we call the student lifecycle. In order to successfully navigate it, you need the right platform, tools and solutions.

Microsoft and partners offer solutions that can help you:

Attract and enroll the best

  • Identify the right students for your institution
  • Effectively manage admission and enrollment
  • Leverage social media and mobility tools

Use analytics to empower student success

  • Proactively identify at-risk students
  • Advance collaboration and data sharing

Elevate your institution’s performance

  • Match institutional goals to individuals and departments
  • Get integrated, real-time data views
  • Gain insight to make smarter institution-wide decisions
  • Foster a high-performance culture

Ensure success throughout the entire student lifecycle.

Get started by talking with your Microsoft rep (live chat) who can connect you with the right partners.

Students are the core of every institution of learning

Successfully managing student lifecycles - from recruiting the right students to seeing them through as alumnus - is key to great learning outcomes

  • Grand Canyon University

    Situation: Modern education happens in the classroom, online, and in blended environments. These expanded formats created a new level of complexity for students and educators at Grand Canyon University.

    Solution: Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the University was able to modernize, allowing them to anticipate and fulfil student needs

  • Tacoma Public Schools

    Situation: A 2007 national study dubbed the 30,000-student Tacoma Public School district’s five high schools “dropout factories,” where many freshmen never made it to graduation.

    Solution: Using cloud analytics, the school began predicting student dropout risks. Graduation rates jumped from 55 to 82.6% by 2016 & today the district is recognized nationally for its educational achievements.

  • Northwood University

    Situation: Data management at any educational institution requires discipline, collaboration, and precision. Northwood is on a continual journey to enhance its use of reporting and data analytics tools.

    Solution: To help enrich data gathering and analysis in a strategic, institution-wide manner, Northwood University recently implemented Ellucian Perform – a comprehensive software system for end-to-end performance management.

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