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Microsoft Schools programs

Microsoft Schools and Microsoft Showcase Schools are a global community of schools engaged in K-12 education transformation to improve student learning outcomes.

Empowering students to achieve more

About Microsoft Schools

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Microsoft Schools are focused on leading and learning. Schools which are working to consider how to transform education and integrate technology into their classrooms, building and lessons would benefit from joining the Microsoft Schools program.

Microsoft Schools are focused on leading and learning. These schools may be just starting to explore Microsoft solutions, programs, or devices in small ways but intend to do more and be more.

If you are in a school starting to consider how to transform education and integrate technology, we invite you to join the Microsoft Schools program. You can register anytime.

Register to become a Microsoft School

By registering and joining the Microsoft Schools program, schools will receive the following benefits:

  • Global recognition by being placed on our Microsoft School list and Showcase School list (updated monthly)
  • Receive a quick start guide filled with assets and resources to support school leaders
  • Enroll into a global community of practice which reaches over 1,000 other school leaders via our social channel, Yammer
  • Receive a monthly e-newsletter with the best of Microsoft Teaching and Leading resources
  • Receive early updates (via our newsletter and social communities) on new products, offers and opportunities
  • Curate resources for leaders and leading educators available from the Microsoft Educator Community
  • Participate in quarterly global connect calls

About Microsoft Showcase Schools

Microsoft showcase schools blue badge with a light blue school outline in the middle, with the Microsoft logo at the top.

Microsoft Showcase Schools are a global community of schools engaged in innovative change to improve teaching and learning using Microsoft’s K-12 Education Transformation Framework. With the support and guidance of Microsoft, Showcase Schools create immersive and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating development of essential life skills so students are empowered to achieve more.

Showcase School leadership teams are part of a professional community that amplifies the use of technology to drive school-wide transformation and efficiencies. Microsoft Showcase Schools emphasize personalized learning for their students through the use of 1:1 and 1:many learning devices with current technology such as Windows devicesAzureOffice 365OneNoteMinecraft: Education Edition, and more.

Microsoft Showcase Schools come in all shapes and sizes, and each has made a commitment to educational transformation. Despite their diversity, there are common characteristics that define these schools and their leaders. Further explore the Showcase Schools nomination criteria by reviewing the scoring rubric.

Showcase Schools exemplify:


The school demonstrates thought-leadership in building a school-wide vision as the starting place for holistic digital transformation using Microsoft’s K-12 Education Transformation Framework.

  • Is evidence-based
  • Has specific, concrete goals for learning and the outcomes of schooling
  • Uses technology as a strategic lever where digital access is not the end goal; learning is the goal and technology is a means used in some of the initiatives
  • Has a clear vision for how learning defines how technology is integrated

Modern teaching and learning

The school leader is an innovator, as evidenced through the actions and attitudes of a growth mindset and commitment to the Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework journey.

  • Builds teacher effectiveness through meaningful professional learning
  • Has an intensive focus on school-based professional development
  • Establishes mentoring and collaborative working groups in the school
  • Provides teachers practical experiences and an ability to innovate using a range of techniques to meet the needs of every student
  • School leader continually practices distributed leadership – where several individuals share leadership responsibilities which can result in improved organizational performance


The school leader empowers educators and students to innovate and exercise a growth mindset.

  • Training that enables teachers to help students personalize the technology they use
  • Emphasizes personal learning through the use of digital learning devices and learning with current technology such as Office 365 for Education, Teams (Staff/Student), OneNote, Skype, and Minecraft: Education Edition
  • Understanding how successful integration of students with learning disabilities happens when teachers understand how to adjust curriculum and create accessible materials

Innovative thinking

The school demonstrates innovative use of technology, using Microsoft solutions, to drive positive impact and student success with 21st century skills.

  • Computational Thinking - Thinking about problems strategically in all curricular areas to create solutions through abstraction, algorithms, decomposition, and pattern recognition
  • Creativity and Innovation - Using ingenuity and imagination, going outside conventional boundaries, when shaping ideas into a product
  • Critical Thinking - Integrating relevant and sufficient information to address an essential question, gathered from multiple and varied sources
  • Collaboration - Sharing responsibility to make substantive decisions together about the content, process, or product of the work
  • Communication - Producing extended or multi-modal communication

A professional learning community

The school leader and educators are learning-leaders who drive efforts to connect with educators locally and globally and share best practices through the Microsoft Innovative Educator and/or Expert program.

Apply to become a Microsoft Showcase School

  1. Read more details about the Showcase Schools program
  2. Prepare to nominate your school for the Showcase School Program
  3. Take the School Transformation Survey and capture your results
  4. Submit an application to become a Showcase School
  5. After you submit your application, a Microsoft representative will contact you
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