Transitioning to zero-carbon energy

Microsoft believes buying more clean energy, especially near our operations, helps us operate more sustainably and makes good business sense. We have ambitious goals to increase our use of clean energy over the next decade, and now have projects in three continents—North America, Europe and Asia—providing approximately 1.4 gigawatts of energy. We are committed to driving change beyond our operations by creating new models and investing in new energy technologies that can bring the benefit of renewable energy to companies and communities of all sizes.

Our principles and commitments

Using more clean energy every year

Our goal is using more clean energy to power our datacenters and operations every year, with a goal of topping 60 percent early in the next decade.

Supporting new clean energy projects

Wherever we operate, we work to bring new clean energy online through investments and partnerships.

Engaging in public policy

We support public policies that make renewable energy more available and affordable in the markets where we operate.

Investing in new energy technologies

We are testing and investing in new technologies that have the potential to make electric grids around the world greener, smarter, and more resilient.

Partnering for responsible energy solutions