Group of people in the dark room launching a missile

With the robust catalog of Microsoft cloud services offered on JWCC, the intelligence community can achieve more.

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Line of analysts working on monitors to analyze data sit in a control room

Accelerate the time to intelligence with Classified Cloud for Secret and Top Secret

Make sense of your streaming data deluge with Microsoft Classified Cloud, a multi-cloud platform that quickly and securely analyzes intelligence across diverse sources and multiple feeds and around the clock—from stateside headquarters all the way to the tactical edge.

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two hands wearing astronaut gloves

Azure Space — Intelligence powered by Azure both on the ground and in orbit

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Achieve better mission outcomes

Unlock a new era of government innovation at a scale and speed never before possible.

Transformative cloud

The innovation engine powering
new frontiers.

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Empower the new way to work

Connections and data-driven insights for today’s government workplace.

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Deliver trust at scale

Zero trust security and compliance that adapt to the complexity of modern government.

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