Flexibility helps people do their best work from anywhere

Teamwork and collaboration flourish in an organization that adopts a flexible business model. Empower people to be productive and secure as they adapt to hybrid working in new ways with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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Meet, chat, call, collaborate, and work from anywhere

Stay connected virtually to your team and customers with the free version of Microsoft Teams.

Enable your people to be productive and secure from anywhere with Microsoft 365 and Teams

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A laptop, tablet, mug and an icon of Microsoft Teams.
A laptop, tablet, mug and an icon of Microsoft Teams.

How flexibility helps customers thrive

A person smiling at a computer displaying data in Teams.

"(Viva) empowers our managers and ultimately will help us to serve our customers more effectively."

–Iain Williamson, Chief Executive Officer

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"Teams and Dynamics 365 help us be the best version of ourselves for customers."

–Hassan Skøien, Digital Innovation Manager

A person looking at their mobile phone.

"We believe that Microsoft Teams Rooms are critical to the future of hybrid work."

–Joseph Paradi, Enterprise Services Executive for Information Technology

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"Through the use of Microsoft Viva, we can understand … the pressures within our organizations …."

–Hesham Ahmed, Director of People Analytics and Employee Insights

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"We went with Azure Virtual Desktop to … quickly enable hundreds of employees to work remotely."

–Morné Beck, Head of IT

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Give people the virtual teamwork tools they need to connect, collaborate, and be more productive and secure. Create easy to use experiences with familiar apps, reduce cost and complexity, and enable a safe workspace.