Explore interesting places near and far with Outings, a Microsoft Garage project

Outings, a Microsoft Garage project, helps explorers discover and search for interesting places near and far in a new app for iOS and Android.

Whether you’re looking for a fun hike near town or planning your next vacation destination, often the hardest part of travel is just figuring out where to go. Outings makes it easier by presenting inspiration for your next adventure, curating high quality travel blogs and beautiful images to show the information–and sneak peek–you need to pick where to go.

Illustrates the discovery and bucket list features of Outings

  • Get inspiration for your next adventure Choose topics that interest you and swipe through travel stories tailored just for you. Outings adds more trip destinations and interesting places regularly, so you will have a steady stream of places to visit.
  • Discover places near and far The Discover feed shows places around the US, while the Nearby feed offers stories about places around you. Been there before? Check it off the list and keep track of all the places you’ve been. Switch to a map view for a visual search experience, or search more topics and destinations for travel ideas and inspiration.
  • Stunning images Get a feel for the adventure that awaits you with beautiful photos.
  • Save and share with friends Save places you want to come back to later in a folder for safe keeping. Share with friends and family, so you can finally get that trip together on the calendar.

Outdoor adventures, historical sites, city life, kid-friendly activities, beautiful vistas, hidden gems–Outings can help you discover them all, available now on iOS and Android platforms.

Connect with the Team

“Delivering the app on two platforms with high quality content is a challenge we relished,” adds Program Manager Vimal Kocherla. “We look forward to users’ feedback from our launch and we plan to actively respond to them and add several new features in the coming months.”

Interested in giving feedback to the team? You can share feedback directly in the app or by emailing outingsappfeedback@microsoft.com to share what you’d like to see in a future version of Outings.

Travel and local content providers can also connect with team to explore partnering with Outings to surface their content in the app. Reach out to outingsapppartners@microsoft.com for details.