From plants in the ground to drones in the sky, this Microsoft engineer puts her creativity to work

Microsoft employee Guada Casuso is a tech enthusiast who thrives on creativity, envisioning a future where AI could save the world. She has a knack for bringing others along as she explores new obsessions and possibilities where creativity and technology intersect. Casuso is constantly dreaming up ways to combine her love for agriculture, knowledge in IoT and AI technologies, and passion for drones.

Casuso also co-founded the Garage drones community, a diverse group of employees from all over that share an interest in all things drones. One of her obsessions is exploring how drones can move forward beyond photography and videography, such as providing innovative solutions to farming and quantum and biosensing technology.

“It’s exciting to discover new business opportunities, but it’s equally important that we start building the platforms for generations to come. For me, it started with all things I enjoy, but with technology, the possibilities are endless.”

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Written by Toyinaminia ‘Toy’ Norwood, as told by Guada Casuso.