Vancouver Garage Interns help BC Cancer Foundation research cancer by using holograms

BC Cancer Foundation and Garage interns at Microsoft in Vancouver teamed up to create a mixed reality solution using HoloLens to visualize tumors at single-cell resolution for cancer research. The Holographic Cancer Cell Visualizer is an interactive prototype that allows scientists to study in 3D holograms the make-up of tumor cells and spatial relationships between cell types, something that has never before been possible. This ground-breaking project is now in the hands of a second team of interns, who continue to build on the work of the first intern group that laid the groundwork, creating new functionality for better collaboration within the application.

The Garage internship is different than your average internship. University students from across Canada build solutions to real-world needs, working with real customers such as the BC Cancer Foundation. Interns are responsible for the project from start to finish, including any critical decisions in direction along the way.

Not only does the Holographic Cancer Cell Visualizer help scientists visualize data in new ways, it could also lead to new discoveries, providing better understanding of cancerous cells.

“These holograms, you can walk around them, you can naturally interact with them, point at things and collaborate with others,” notes Cydney Nielsen, a Microsoft mentor working with the interns.

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