Introducing the Grand Prize Winner of Hackathon 2018, a project team exploring new paradigms in advertising

Wei Liu, senior software engineer for Bing Ads in Suzhou and one of the 15 members of the winning team, believes that for success, “interest and passion are your best friends.” Previous winners of Microsoft’s annual Hackathon have accomplished great success, and the future is bright for the 2018 winners. Based in China, Liu and his teammates will have the opportunity to present their project to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and other executives in the months to come.

2018 Hackathon project winners hold trophy

“We may work in different areas and for different teams, but with the Hackathon, we are aiming at the same goal, and we inspire each other during the project,” says Yuting Gu, winning team member and software engineer for the Bing Ads accounts and billing team.

Microsoft’s annual Hackathon is an impactful way to engage employees worldwide in both a learning culture and in a growth mindset. Employees are encouraged and empowered to bring their great ideas from all over the company – researchers, engineers, marketers, sales teams, and countless other roles.

Hackathon winners photographed on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, WA on Thursday, September 13, 2018. (Photo by Dan DeLong)

Gary Sun, Wei Liu and Edward Lai, photographed on Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, WA. (Photo by Dan DeLong)

The winning team’s project “is a product that is a natural for Microsoft,” says Jeff Ramos, leader of Microsoft Garage. “It leverages our commitment as a platform and productivity company, and it capitalizes on something that we feel is unique to us.”
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