PowerPoint team shows how hackathons and teamwork are the best testing grounds for giving life to ideas

Hacking culture comes naturally to Alex Gueniot. As the senior software engineer for PowerPoint driving technical implementation of new features, he just can’t give up on good ideas. “I compulsively need to create and to collaborate with people. That’s why I’ve been involved in almost 20 hackathon projects in the past seven years. One year, I was on six hackathon….

This Microsoft Garage intern shares how she refused to let fear define her

In high school, Kristen Laird experienced terrible burns as a result of a lab experiment explosion.  She struggled for years with fear of flames, and decided to turn it around by looking her fear straight in the face and becoming an EMT (emergency medical technician) and a volunteer fire fighter. Through this experience, she has learned to experiment, explore, and….

Sports Performance Platform crunches data to optimize training for the Seattle Seahawks

DeShawn Shead, a 28-old Seattle Seahawks cornerback, hasn’t been able to play for a year due to a torn ACL and meniscus injury suffered during Seattle’s 36-20 divisional round playoff loss to the Atlanta Falcons in January, but he’s just about ready to head back onto the field. In fact, he’s returned to practice. Technology and science – sports science….

2017 Hackathon team connects with non-profit Yuwa to create mobile app

Devika Mittal, a corporate strategy manager at Microsoft who grew up in New Delhi and now lives in Washington, DC, knew that child trafficking and violence against women in rural areas in India was a growing human-rights crisis. But for a long time, the fate of at-risk Indian girls far away from her, while distressing, was something she felt helpless….

Mixed Reality gives Neuroanatomy lessons a boost

With its unique hemispheres and intricate connections, the brain is one of the most exceptional, yet complex organs in the human body. The intricate structure has posed a unique challenge for generations of students looking to understand and ultimately master how its many parts fit, and work, together. But this fall — thanks to Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality technology—….

Artificial intelligence eclipses cloud and mobile projects to win the day at Microsoft 2017 Hackathon

What started in 2014 as an experiment to engage employees has turned into a strategic tradition to help Microsoft establish itself at the leading edge of innovation. And this year, the hottest player at the Microsoft Hackathon was artificial intelligence. Organizers say the four-day event, which has become the world’s biggest private hackathon with more than 18,000 employee participants, provides….