Garage project Sketch 360 comes to Surface Duo

Nearly two years ago, we released a Garage project created by a passionate engineer who channeled his classical architecture training and love for drawing into a 360 sketch app. Sketch 360 enables artists to create full, 360-degree, panoramic sketches with ease, using an innovative grid design. Originally released on Windows and designed around Surface Laptop, Surface Go, and the power….

Get paid for your photos with Trove, a Microsoft Garage project

We’re excited to share a big announcement for Trove, a Microsoft Garage project! Now, people can get paid for contributing accepted photos to AI projects in the Trove marketplace with new PayPal integration. Anyone can try Trove via the new web app and a now open app for Android, expanding participation in the experiment beyond the select set of users….

Digital Marketing Center adds Twitter support, new features, and expands pilot

In October, Microsoft Advertising began inviting small businesses to try Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft Garage project. After working with many small businesses over the last few months, the team has received very encouraging feedback, has added additional features to serve user needs, and is now ready to extend the invitation to additional businesses. Small business owners can request an….

With new Garage project Trove, people can contribute photos to help developers build AI models

Sep 23, 2020 Update Trove is now open to try on Android and a new web app! To learn more, read the full story on the Garage Blog. Every day, developers and researchers are finding creative ways to leverage AI to augment human intelligence and solve tough problems. Whether they’re training a computer vision model that can spot endangered snow….

Device Simulator Express expands to the BBC micro:bit and Adafruit CLUE

Last summer, a group of Garage Interns teamed up with Adafruit to create Device Simulator Express, a Microsoft Garage project. The VS Code extension enabled makers, hobbyists, and student developers to program the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, with or without the physical device. Today, we’re excited to announce that a second team of interns has built upon the original Garage….

New Garage project Digital Marketing Center saves time for SMBs

For small and medium businesses, time is of the essence. Managing a digital marketing presence across social media, search & social advertising, and online listings, can quickly become complex and overwhelming, especially when you have to manage each platform individually. We’re excited to announce an opportunity to try a tool that comes to the rescue: Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft….