Now Snip Insights includes installers for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. To download Snip Insights, visit AI Lab and follow the instructions provided.

Snip Insights revolutionizes the way users search by generating insights from images. It increases productivity by reducing the number of steps needed achieve results. In addition to Insights, the tool also includes an editor, snipping shortcuts, and easy to toggle settings.

From snipped images, Snip Insights returns:

  • Editable and translated text
  • Calendar events
  • Email templates
  • Auto-filled descriptive file naming
  • Similar images
  • Celebrity profiles & news
  • Landmark recognition
  • Similar products


Meet the team

The Microsoft Garage Internship
"These images are essentially snapshots of people's lives. Let's learn more about their stories through intelligent insights."
Jeffrey Chang

Garage Team

Athi Narayanan Jeyaraj, Charmaine Lee, Christie Chan, David Wu, Jeffrey Chang, Mehdi Chaid, and Vivy Wang

AI Lab: Erika Menezes, Tara Shankar Jana, Wee Hyong Tok, and Wilson Lee


The Microsoft Garage Internship

Vancouver, B.C.


In the Vancouver Garage Internship, students work in groups of 6 as distinct teams, building standalone projects pitched by Microsoft product groups. At Microsoft Vancouver, the curiosities of 7 interns were piqued by a pitch from the Cloud AI Prototyping and Innovation Team. The intern team, composed of 5 developers, 1 designer and 1 program manager, was challenged to re-imagine the widely used tools that millions of users love through the capabilities of AI.

The AI Lab team admired the work of the Vancouver Interns and decided to take the app to the next level and improve on it in virtually every aspect. In collaboration with the Garage, AI Lab injected new life into the app and created a product that is more accessible than ever.

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