Sports Performance Platform

A customized, sports analytics solution helping athletes and teams make better, faster and more data-driven and predictive decisions.

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“We believe we’re doing really important work for our players, providing them with critical information that is timely so that they have the best possible chance to shine,”
Dean Riddle, Applied Sports Scientist, Seattle Seahawks

About Sports Performance Platform

Sports Performance Platform is a cloud-based sports-analytics platform that aggregates and visualizes team and player data to provide predictive outcome modeling to track and improve athlete and team performance.

This is a highly customizable solution, with predictive outcome modeling and analytics capabilities to track and improve player performance, see and predict trends to enable better and faster decision-making. Built on Power BI, Microsoft Azure, and Surface devices, using cloud computing, data aggregation, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Key features include data ingestion and processing for all types of athlete data (e.g. Catapult data, player’s heart rate, speed, acceleration, and deceleration on the field, etc.), combining data into live dashboards that offer view into athlete’s performance over time among other factors, and build and manage predictive trends or patterns that can help shape more effective training regimens with better recovery and less chance of injury.

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Earlier this year, we announced the availability of the Microsoft Sports Performance Platform – a predictive analytics platform for athletes and teams. The level of interest in the platform has been amazing to see and has sparked many ongoing and fruitful conversations with customers worldwide about what’s possible.

As a part of the ongoing engagements we’ve been doing with a number of sports teams, this week we have the great opportunity to share our work with the Seattle Seahawks through local broadcast coverage, an awesome transform blog post with video, an example Power BI dashboard on the Power BI Solution Gallery, an inspirational video about the rehabilitation of DeShawn Shead, and a blog post from Microsoft executive Chris Weber. The work with the Seahawks has been really exciting for us to engage in (not to mention we’re helping our hometown team), and similar to our engagements with professional sports organizations like Benfica, Real Madrid, Cricket Australia, and Seattle Reign, our engineering team has been working side by side with the Seahawks Sports Science staff to break new ground.

The result of this work includes a customizable platform that helps the Sports Science staff support athlete performance and reduce players time off the field resulting from injuries, among other supported scenarios.

For a glimpse into just some of the ways the Seahawks are capitalizing on the Sports Performance Platform, read more in Steve Fox’s full blog post.


The Sports Performance Platform Garage project team is pictured on a soccer field at Microsoft campus; From left to right: Thomas Labuzienski, Susan Boyd, Rohit Puri, Steve Fox, Andrey Moor, Lisa Vailencour

Matt Dotson, Mike Downey, Steve Fox, Danny Garber, Steven Goulet, Shenglong Li, Roy Moran, Bryan Smith