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    Your access to millions of ad-free songs, custom and expert-curated playlists & artist radio across all your devices – plus Background Music for Xbox.

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  • Get to Know Groove Music

    Get to Know Groove Music

    All your favorite music, on all your favorite devices.

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Millions of songs. Everywhere you go.

Rev up, chill out, or get down. Groove's got music for every minute of your day.

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  • Get to know Groove Music.

    Check out the many reasons why you will love Groove Music
  • Play. Stream. Download

    Play. Stream. Download.

    Online or off the grid, play music that rocks – wherever you roll
  • Yours? Ours? Mix it up

    Yours? Ours? Mix it up.

    Use OneDrive to play your own tunes in Groove.
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    No ads, no interruptions.

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groove music pass

What do I get with Groove Music Pass?

  • Groove Music Pass Premium Service $9.99/ month
  • Millions of songs catalog
  • Ad-free
  • Listen offline
  • Artist-based radio
  • Create or listen to playlists to suit any mood
  • Works with Windows 8.1/10, Windows Phone, Web, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and SONOS

For detailed subscription info, visit our FAQ.

Free and easy: get Groove on all your favorite devices

The free Groove app keeps your music playing on devices big and small. Download it here – or launch it from your Windows 10 PC.

Fall in love with artist-based radio

Custom radio stations based on songs and artists you love. Tell me more

With Groove Music Pass, you can create online radio stations based on your favorite music. Simply select an artist, song, or genre that you like, and Groove will play it, plus more music like it. You can craft a perfect, personalized custom radio station while discovering new music online that you’ll love.

Fall in love with artist-based radio

The soundtrack of you, across your favorite devices

Your music is ready to play, always. Never leave a song behind. Tell me more

Groove works across your favorite devices with our new music app. You can rock out to streaming music online, or download songs for offline use. Listen to music on your computer, phone, tablet, Xbox, and on Sonos. You can take your music just about anywhere with our cross-device compatibility, so there’s never a dull moment or a dull song.

The soundtrack of you, across your favorite devices

Mix it up: add your music to Groove with OneDrive

Hear all the music you own – even iTunes – wherever you have Groove. Tell me more

Groove is synced to OneDrive—so your music and Groove’s music are always together with the ease and reliability of cloud music storage. Use the OneDrive app or the Groove Music service’s website to upload music to your OneDrive Music folder. All the music you want will be in one place, easy to find. Access and listen to your music online or offline at any time.

Mix it up: add your music to Groove with OneDrive

Rev up. Chill out. Remix your mood with playlists

Whatever the moment, make a playlist – and make it memorable. Tell me more

Groove Music Pass lets you create music playlists at your whim. Select from millions of songs in the Groove catalog as well as your own MP3s from OneDrive, then mix and match to create a custom playlist for any mood.

Rev up. Chill out. Remix your mood with playlists

Questions? Let us help

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