Health Plans

Microsoft technology solutions for health plans provide familiar, intuitive tools to help people make informed decisions, collaborate, innovate, and contribute to the bottom line.

    Health benefits company reduces operating costs with online collaboration tools.

    Healthcare provider optimizes call center by using CRM solution, improves service.


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    HealthVault for Windows helps you take control of your healt...

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    With OptumizeMe, you can challenge friends, family, co-worke...

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    Health Plan Sales Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    A strategy to simplify and reduce the cost of health plan sales.
    Business & Health Analytics

    Gain new insights by tapping vast stores of diverse data, including medical records, geospatial data, and open-source health information. With Big Data analytics and interactive, self-service BI tools, health organizations can improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and make better, data-driven decisions.
    Operational Efficiency

    Enable your organization to stay competitive while coping with reduced budgets and increased pressure to adopt new business models. Microsoft solutions provide highly secure and scalable cloud-based tools that improve collaboration and workflow while providing users with familiar, intuitive applications that work where they work.
    Productivity and Collaboration

    Improve productivity of your organization, balancing increasing demands with fewer resources using Microsoft’s O365 and collaboration tools. Employees can work from virtually everywhere on a variety of devices and gain more control over compliance with privacy regulations, analyzing and sharing data, and communications