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Build the future of computing

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Events, forums, local user groups, and open source projects are just a few of the ways HoloLens developers are connecting and building holographic apps together.



Begin building apps for mixed reality with the Windows SDK and a steady stream of new documentation, tutorials, and case studies.

Windows Dev Center Spectator view Development documentation Design guidance Tools Case studies

Mixed Reality Academy

Follow step-by-step tutorials that walk you through developing apps for Windows Mixed Reality, including HoloLens and immersive headsets.

Mixed Reality Academy

Source code

Start building your own apps with open-source code from projects built for Microsoft HoloLens and the full spectrum of mixed reality across UWP.

Mixed Reality 250 Galaxy Explorer

See what you can do

0:31 | 2017: “A Thousand Wows!" at Build

00:47 | 2017: Mixed Reality Momentum at Build

00:45 | 2017: Visualizing the Future at Build

15:02 | 2016: Alex Kipman and Kudo Tsunoda at Build

01:01 | 2015: Jump in and Start Creating

00:56 | 2015: Breaking Down Barriers

01:07 | 2015: Exciting Features

01:01 | 2015: Developers Imagine the Future of Holographic computing

Man wearing HoloLens, analyzing a holographic fingerprint floating on a coffee table as a holographic colleague, sitting on couch, looks on

A new generation of mixed reality apps

Explore the HoloLens apps that showcase the possibilities of working and playing in mixed reality. See a few of the ways HoloLens helps you connect, create, and explore.

Development Edition
Detail of HoloLens from the side HoloLens turns to the right

Development Edition $3,000

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Pop up opened for selecting commercial suite or development edition

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