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Protect my PC by installing and enabling free Microsoft Security Essentials. You can use Microsoft Security Essentials to help guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It provides free real-time protection for your home or small business PCs, and you won’t need to install any additional software.

Microsoft Security Essentials offers free, world-class, award-winning protection against viruses and intruders without getting in your way. Once you have installed it, the software updates automatically once a day. We’re constantly tracking new threats and we keep your PC updated to help protect you. You don’t have to do anything. Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don’t have to worry about interruptions. You’ll only be alerted when there are specific actions to take.

Learn more about Microsoft Security Essentials | Privacy Statement | License Agreement

Install and enable Acrobat Reader DC software for your Windows PC to easily view, print, and comment on PDF files. Click here to verify the system requirements.

By clicking the "Install now" button, you agree to the automatic installation of updates to Acrobat Reader, and to the Adobe Software Licensing Agreement.

Protect my PC when I’m connected to the Internet – free. A firewall is software that helps prevent hackers and some types of malware from getting to your PC through a network or the Internet. It does this by checking the info that’s coming from the Internet or a network and then either blocking it or allowing it to pass through to your PC.

You only need one firewall app on your PC (in addition to the firewall that's probably built into your network router). Having more than one firewall app on your PC can cause conflicts and problems.

Windows Firewall comes free with Windows and is the default firewall to keep your PC safe.

Keep your PC up to date with Windows Update, it's easy—and free. There's an easy, free way to help keep your PC safer and running smoothly. It's called Windows Update. All you have to do is turn it on, and you'll get the latest security and other important updates from Microsoft automatically, quickly and reliably.

When you turn on automatic updating, most updates will download and install without you having to lift a finger. We recommend that you use automatic updating—but if you choose not to, be sure to check for updates at least once a week.

Set Internet Explorer as your default browser. Your PC running Windows comes with Internet Explorer already installed. Internet Explorer makes it easier to get where you want to go on the web, and helps you see amazing content at its best. Please note: If you make a different browser your default, links won't automatically open in Internet Explorer. Microsoft recommends you set Internet Explorer as your default browser.

Diagnose and repair common Internet Explorer problems that may cause the browser to become slow, unresponsive, unstable or crash, caused by add-ons not working correctly or by inappropriate security settings. The Microsoft diagnosis and repair tool will check and resolve:

  • Defective Internet Explorer add-ons. Disables defective add-ons.
  • Phishing filter is turned off. Turns the phishing filter on.
  • Pop-up blocker is turned off. Turns the Pop-up blocker on to block pop-ups.
  • Security settings are not set to Microsoft’s recommended settings. Resets security to recommended settings.
  • Internet Explorer does not update cached pages or updates them inefficiently, causing launch to be slow. Resets the page sync policy to automatic.
  • Cache size is too small or too big, causing slow performance. Resets the cache size to be within 50-250 MB of the default range.
  • Concurrent server connections set too low or too high causing slow performance. Restore IE concurrent connection settings to defaults.
  • Pop-up blocker is turned off allowing pop-up screens. Turns the Pop Up Blocker on.
  • Resets Internet Explorer security settings to the default (recommended) levels.
  • Enable the Phishing Filter.