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What is a Learning Path at Microsoft Ignite?

A Learning Path is a series of connected learning modules that includes sessions, hands-on experiences, technical workshops, certifications, and expert connections. Each Learning Path works together to build upon what you’ve learned to provide a comprehensive set of skills to help you reach your goals. Choose a path below, then register.

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Securing your organization

Learn how to protect your organization’s identities, data, applications, and devices across on-premises, cloud, and mobile—end-to-end—using the latest tools and guidance.

Building applications for the cloud

Learn how to build your applications and APIs with cloud services in mind, creating resilient, fault-tolerant, and scalable global services.

Journey to Microsoft Teams

Build a collaborative workforce for your organization, bringing together everything in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and integrate business applications.

Deploying and managing Windows and Office in your enterprise

Learn how to successfully transition your organization to the latest and most productive desktop environment—and simplify the process of keeping your devices secure and up to date.

Developing integrations and workflows for your productivity applications

Integrate critical business processes into experiences across Microsoft 365 to transform productivity in your organization.

IT administrator’s guide to cloud management

Learn how to navigate the latest updates in IT admin experiences to effectively manage your organization’s users, applications, and devices.

Azure fundamentals

Understand cloud concepts and core services including storage, pricing, compute, messaging, networking, data, identity, and cloud security.

Migrating data, applications, and APIs to the cloud

Migrate and modernize workloads and live databases to the cloud without interruption. Take advantage of application auto scaling and built-in database threat protection. Use pipelines to build and deploy solutions faster and safer.

Modernizing your server infrastructure

Cloud adoption starts with assessing your current environment and upgrading to Window Server 2019. This enables an entire hybrid ecosystem not previously available and simplifies migrating Window Server and SQL Server into Azure.

Managing cloud operations

Learn how to define governance, security, and policies within Azure for your organization. Regulate and organize your Azure subscription to achieve compliance, and set up guard rails for cost and regional structure.

Configuring and deploying security and identity solutions

Deep dive into configuration guidance and learn how to start deploying security and identity solutions to meet your organization’s security goals.

Developer’s guide to AI

Starting with basic data concepts, we will introduce cognitive services, then graduate into machine learning for developers, finally deploying a machine learning model into production to be consumed by simple web services.

Modernizing operations practices and learning from failure

Learn how to apply modern operations practices across the entire software development lifecycle. We’ll look at the underlying toolset Azure offers to support your engineering processes and enable your team to iterate faster and more reliably.

Dynamics 365 fundamentals

For those new to Dynamics 365, learn how to increase your organization’s productivity across business groups, enabling efficiencies and business processes that pave the way for innovation and personalized experiences.

Enabling everyone to build and modernize apps without code

Inspire everyone to build apps without risk and simplify app development, without constraints. Hear how to deploy quickly, add value continuously, and integrate all your data with just a few clicks. Our apps infuse AI to add powerful in-app intelligence.

Governance and administration of your Power Platform solution

Top tips and techniques to overcome common governance blockers, security questions, and monitoring requirements. Hear about monitoring and supporting the Power Platform with strategies, best practices, and tooling to help land low-code powered digital transformation.

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