Kick off your Microsoft Ignite 2019 with immersive pre-day workshops on Sunday, November 3, available to conference attendees for an additional $500 per person, including breakfast and lunch.

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Start your conference early with a daylong workshop experience and your chance to connect and share best practices with super users like you.

You've built several apps that save your organization time and money — now, how do you support and manage all these apps? In this full-day workshop, learn best practices for management and governance of Microsoft PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow, including architecture overview, security considerations, licensing, monitoring, alerting, application lifecycle management, and educating app and report makers within IT and business units on best practices. Experience real-world demos, dive into the Power Platform's admin capabilities, and learn how to build your own custom tools with PowerApps.

Organizations often have hundreds of applications that users depend on to get their work done. This can translate to managing a costly on-premises identity and application infrastructure. These same organizations are being tasked to reduce cost and complexity and improve security without compromising productivity. Join the Identity Engineering Product Group to learn how to evaluate your current identity and access management environment and how to modernize by tapping into identity as the control plane and managing from the cloud. This day is designed for new and experienced identity professionals deploying or considering Azure Active Directory Premium.

In this full-day, demo-rich training session with the Azure Cosmos DB engineering team, learn the ins and outs of designing solutions targeting Azure Cosmos DB and how it provides the database platform for you to build your next generation of blazingly fast, planet scale applications. We cover the basics of what is Azure Cosmos DB, common use cases and design patterns. Next, we dive into best practices around partitioning, modeling data, replication, consistency, elasticity of throughput (request units), ChangeFeed, etc. We discuss all the recent announcements and capabilities in the service and where we are going next, with opportunity for Q&A. This course contains lecture and hands-on lab work, and is particularly useful for Solution Architect, Data Architects, Application Architects, and Application Developers. The hand-on labs are developer focused require you to have the ability to read and execute C# and Javascript code, skills which are not directly covered in the content and considered prerequisite.

Azure Data Explorer is a fast, fully managed data analytics service for real-time analysis on large volumes of data streaming from applications, websites, IoT devices, and more. In this hands-on workshop, build an end-to-end, near-real-time analytics solution using Azure Data Explorer with data ingestion and visualization.

Have you been clamoring to get started with mobile development using C# and Xamarin? What if you could attend a full-day workshop led by Microsoft experts to learn how to build your first mobile application with Xamarin, .NET, and Azure? We use this workshop to walk through all the necessary steps for building a full app while adding some Azure goodness along the way. The workshop focuses on building your first C# powered iOS, Android, and Windows app. Get a full overview of Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. Learn about Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture. Make RESTful service calls to a web server and deserialize json. See navigation patterns and pass data. Integrate Xamarin.Essentials to add geolocation and map support among other capabilities. Learn about serverless solutions with Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB. Integrate these services into your application. Finally, we show you how to setup Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) with Azure DevOps and App Center in order to build, test, and distribute your mobile application.

Developing an AI based solution is the best way to learn what Azure AI can help you build. In this full-day training, instructors guide you through building a robust knowledge mining solution leveraging Cognitive Search capabilities in Microsoft Azure. Leverage cognitive skills like OCR and vision services to understand information contained in non-traditional data sources like documents. Learn how to build custom skills using machine learning models to decipher business specific insights and surface these insights for users to leverage within their apps. Also, learn how to create a BOT to search your business documents using key phrases, entities, and moderated data. This is a hands-on training where attendees are expected to roll up their sleeves and build a solution from scratch. Attendees are advised to bring their laptops to be able to walkthrough exercises and learn with experience.

Learning objectives:

  • Utilize Azure Search experience with cognitive search capabilities.
  • Utilize basic cognitive skills like text and vision applicable to a wide variety of use cases.
  • Implement custom skills for specific business centric needs.

Roll up your sleeves for a hands-on day working with Microsoft engineers on enterprise app design. You’ll learn how to build powerful collaboration-driven business applications in Microsoft Teams by combining the rich productivity data from Microsoft Graph with the power and flexibility of SharePoint Framework. We’ll also discuss other platform tools like adaptive cards and add-ins.

With the growing adoption of cloud technologies and the rapid growth in electronic information, controlling data and maintaining compliance is becoming even more of a challenge. Regulations including GDPR and CCPA are adding another layer of complexity and accountability. Organizations must establish processes to reliably maintain compliance in order to stay agile and minimize risk, all while effectively meeting business goals. Hear from external industry experts who share their perspective on today’s compliance landscape and the steps needed to define and implement a comprehensive plan to achieve a culture of compliance. And, learn about the latest Microsoft 365 capabilities that can help meet your compliance needs.

Join the IoT pre-day to get hands-on experience how to build modern IoT applications for enterprise. During this session, learn how to connect IoT devices to the cloud, get insights from data, and take specific actions that will help your enterprise. The session is led by Microsoft engineers building Azure IoT products, who cover the latest Azure IoT innovations and portfolio. Join us to learn how to leverage your existing developer skills and preferred language to create modern IoT applications.

Learn how to make the most of the apps and experiences in Microsoft 365. Take an in-depth look at teamwork, employee engagement, and communications. Start with chat, meetings, file sharing, and co-authoring, then move on to creating effective teams and channels that integrate Office 365 and third-party apps. Finally, explore employee engagement and communications with Yammer, SharePoint, and Stream. Learn how search has evolved from traditional navigation to intelligent discovery, and, how you, your teams, and your organization can be successful anywhere and on any device with Microsoft 365 mobile apps. The workshop is designed for end-users and champions but will include tips for how IT can govern teamwork in Microsoft 365.

High performing DevOps teams know how to deliver better-quality software, faster. They leverage technology to continuously iterate on their products, implement feedback from customers, deliver value faster, and respond to incidents in less time. In this hands-on workshop, we take a pre-existing application, and using GitHub and Azure DevOps setup from scratch an end-to-end set of DevOps practices. We cover shifting-left quality, using infrastructure as code to provision and manage Azure environments, create automated build and release pipelines, and add in monitoring and telemetry.

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is an important pillar of modern DevOps and is used by most enterprise customers to safely and efficiently provision and manage their cloud solutions. HashiCorp Terraform and Red Hat Ansible are very popular technologies allowing the practice of IaC - they abstract infrastructure provisioning, making it faster and easier for teams to deploy cloud resources in a variety of scenarios such as hybrid and multi cloud environments. In this workshop, learn about the practice of infrastructure as code, get an overview of Terraform, Ansible, and Azure Resource Manager templates, as well as gain hands-on experience in using these to deploy and provision resources on Azure.

The Microsoft Ignite Diversity and Tech pre-day is where you’ll build friendships with peers who are equally passionate about boosting diversity and inclusion both at work and in local communities. This year’s theme focuses on understanding intersectionality as a diversity superpower. The highly interactive, full-day program engages you in developing practical skills to address diversity and inclusion holistically. Passes are limited and available while seats last. Each pass purchased directly supports an underrepresented beneficiary from one of Microsoft Ignite’s partner non-profit organizations in attending this event.

Learn how to create an end-to-end data science solution, applying advanced machine learning (ML) approaches to a real-world scenario, variants of which can be found across industry verticals. This hands-on training covers various important machine learning algorithms. Use notebooks to understand the math behind data science and learn best practices for cleansing and manipulating your data to gather insights from it. Then, build an ML model on this data using techniques that will give you a foray into a data scientist’s work. Further, see MLOps (DevOps for ML) in action while learning how to productionize your models.

Learn how to do the following:

  • Perform data preparation and feature engineering with Pandas dataframes.
  • Conduct model development with the Scikit-Learn ML library.
  • Learn essentials of machine learning experimentation (model management and evaluation) with AML service.
  • Perform tuning of hyperparameters with HyperDrive on AML Compute.
  • Quickly find the best combination of ML algorithm and feature selection with automated machine learning.
  • Set up real-time scoring with Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

Are you a cyber defender? Does your company look to you to protect critical identities, data, applications, devices, and infrastructure? Join us at our first ever pre-day dedicated to security professionals, including an exclusive keynote with Microsoft and third-party security leaders. We dive deep into real-world challenges with Microsoft security experts, including a special hands-on activity with our senior threat hunters. This is the perfect kick-off for security learning, and a great opportunity for community building with peers and partners. Throughout the week, attend technical deep dive sessions, product hands-on experiences and connect with experts at the Security expo experience to learn how Microsoft helps you stay secure.

In this full-day workshop, learn what’s new in SQL Server 2019 and the new big data clusters technology. Learn when and how to use big data technology. Learn about the architecture, components and technologies of SQL Server 2019 big data clusters. Understand how to install big data clusters on-premises, and in the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and how to administer the cluster. Also, learn how to work with Apache Spark and how to create an end-to-end solution in the Data Science Process. Please make sure to review and complete the course prerequisites prior to attending the pre-day. Prerequisite details can be viewed here.

Moving to the cloud often means rethinking ways in which users connect to services, as well as how organizations secure that connectivity flow. Traditional organizational boundaries that defined how and where users communicate and collaborate are no longer in place. With this shift comes new network connectivity paradigms that can dramatically improve end-user experience, bolster productivity, and may even result in dramatic cost savings to organizations. In this interactive workshop, experts from across Office 365 and Microsoft Azure discuss the technical investments Microsoft is making to bring the cloud closer to end-users, and the changes you can make to gain measurable improvements to end-user experience immediately and in the future.

The SQL Server product group leads you through the data estate options from Microsoft, from on-premises SQL Server 2019 to Azure. Learn how to articulate the key differentiators between SQL Server on-premises, in Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine, in Azure SQL Database, and hybrid. Understand the different service tiers within Azure SQL Database, how it is secured, and how to address concerns. Be able to explain what hybrid entails for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server. Get hands on with some of the features in SQL Server 2019 and Azure SQL Database, and understand “other” Azure platform features. Explore the services available to migrate your entire SQL Server stack. Walk away able to make informed decisions about how your business or customers should modernize their data estate.

Your role as an IT pro in the business landscape is rapidly evolving. Are you tasked with helping your organization achieve the desired business impact from Microsoft 365? If yes, this is the workshop for you! Learn how to meet your business needs while boosting employee productivity and organization impact, specifically with deployment planning and user adoption best practices. This includes identifying your desired business outcomes, timelines, stakeholders, and ways to achieve those outcomes and measure success. Leave armed with the tools and processes that can help drive user adoption. Thousands of organizations are currently launching Microsoft 365 technologies and we want to help you amplify your success.

Based on real-world customer deployment scenarios, this deep-dive includes demos of the latest enhancements in mobile device management using Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager. Learn about enhancements for managing Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices from the cloud – including OSX and ruggedized devices. Discover approaches to implementing a unified Microsoft 365 security strategy to secure corporate data using line-of business apps, managed browsing apps like Microsoft Edge, and Office 365 apps like Outlook Mobile. Explore using Microsoft Graph to simplify IT operations. This session is designed for attendees with existing Intune (200-level) or other relevant third-party EMM experience. Come and share your own learnings during the Q&A.

Abstract: If you're a .NET developer or architect who is just starting your journey into the cloud, this is great time to dig in and learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Azure. Throughout the day, you’ll learn about running your .NET applications in Azure, storing your data, securing your .NET apps, and taking advantage of the built-in Visual Studio integration. By the end of the day, you will have enough information and hands-on exposure to evaluate Microsoft Azure and determine if it meets the needs of your solution.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the breadth of Azure platform and services and how they can help you.
  • Discover how to deploy web applications to Azure through Visual Studio 2019 and hook them up to a SQL Server database.
  • Understand the basics of securing your application.
  • How to use Azure Cognitive Services to add intelligence to your application.
  • How to use Azure DevOps to manage your work items and sprints, store and manage source code and builds, and deploy your code anywhere you want.

Are you a developer working on Azure Active Directory, Microsoft accounts, or consumer identities? Want to hear a comprehensive perspective on the state of the Microsoft identity platform for developers and the direction it will take for the next iterations? This workshop is for you! We invite you to take this opportunity to openly discuss your scenarios and thus influence the future development of the platform. The focus is on the essentials of the platform as well as business scenarios for corporate and consumer identities. We explore the different ways to secure your applications and APIs, then go deeper into the different APIs and concepts to give granular access to your services and integrate with the Microsoft Graph. Throughout the day we incorporate best practices from the different Microsoft teams who build their own services on the same identity platform you can use today.

Whether preparing to shift or already using Windows 10 or Office 365 ProPlus, join-us to discuss and get hands-on with the Microsoft 365 platform. We start with readiness and assessment tooling to prepare for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus, and then move to deployment and management through System Center Configuration Manager. The focus then shifts away from traditional methods to spend most of the time on Windows Autopilot and Windows Virtual Desktop. Throughout the workshop, hear Microsoft best practices, common customer implementations and challenges, and hands-on configuration experiences.

Learn how to apply AI to help customer service managers easily identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their teams and drive a better experience for their customers. In this hands-on session, learn how to add intelligent virtual agents that support teams, lower support costs, and provide delightful customer experiences — all without writing any code.

Immerse yourself in this full-day workshop learning about building scalable and performant applications on Azure DB for MySQL and Azure DB for MariaDB. In this session you will:

  • Get an overview of Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for MariaDB and their competitive advantages.
  • Understand what common use cases are run on Azure Database for MySQL/MariaDB and their design patterns.
  • Hear best practices and tips in building performant applications (tuning server parameters, query performance insights, performance recommendations, etc.) as well as best practices in monitoring.
  • Explore enterprise readiness features that allow you to build an enterprise grade workload (replica, VNET service endpoints, etc.)
  • Learn how to put together an end-to-end application integrated with other Azure services, and how to seamlessly migrate applications hosted on MySQL on-prem/virtual machine to Azure Database for MySQL.
  • Get hands-on lab time building apps on Azure DB for MySQL and Azure DB for MariaDB.
  • Hear all the recent announcements and capabilities in the service and where we are going next.

Finally, bring your questions for Q&A time. This training contains lectures and hands-on lab work, and is particularly useful for solution architects, data architects, application architects, and application developers. No prior knowledge on open source databases is needed.

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