Connect marketing sales and service

Connect marketing, sales and service with customer insights

Realize the full benefits of digital transformation by unlocking insights, driving transformative efficiency, and creating powerful data-driven applications using the Automotive Accelerator.

Create deeper customer connections across automotive channels

Develop new customer insights

Transform your marketing, sales and services activities with new customer insights gleaned across retail channels, and mobility services enabled by connected vehicles.

Create omnichannel customer experiences

Differentiate with distinct brand identity and consumer experiences which unify new mobility services with the transformation of an existing retail business.

Combine new mobility services with existing retail practices

Three peoples are discussing about Microsoft dynamics platform


See how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is helping independent software vendors (ISVs), like Annata, to create a solution that improves customer satisfaction.

Porsche Vehicles

Porsche Holding

Porsche Holding drives a digital future with a workplace built on the cloud. Learn how Porsche is leveraging technology to connect people and information together leading to increased business opportunities.


Toyota Industries Incorporated

The world’s largest forklift manufacturer is improving the quality of their after-sales services by connecting telematics with field service.

Connected marketing, sales and service solutions

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