Speed your ideas to market

Start with a flexible and open platform

Get a jumpstart on creating market-ready connected vehicle services. Eliminate costly, time-consuming infrastructure development by leveraging Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP), which integrates with your preferred technologies and partners to support your automotive vision.

Evolve and protect your innovations

Create new revenue streams as you continue to offer new services beyond the initial vehicle sale, and know that your data and brand remain in your control. Build your intelligent connected vehicle services on a platform designed to evolve as new technologies emerge.

Connecting vehicles to the future of mobility

woman sitting in passenger seat of self-driving vehicle

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

The Volkswagen Automotive Cloud is powered by the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and integrates additional services for telematics and productivity.

A car running in the highway

Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance

The Alliance Intelligent Cloud spans 200 markets served by Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi—utilizing cloud, AI, and IoT technologies.

LG Partners


LG is betting on Microsoft Azure to advance their AI-driven vehicle strategy.


Find out how products from Microsoft and its partners help automotive businesses achieve success with connected vehicles.

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