How technology is helping in the fight against the pandemic 

4 min read

The global pandemic is far from over, we want to take this opportunity to recognize and applaud the continued heroic efforts by front-line workers—healthcare workers, first responders, service workers, and others—around the world. They put their lives at risk every day to save patients and keep critical operations running. While much of the recent news Read more

Today’s technology is transforming home health care 

4 min read

Public health organizations are chartered with ensuring the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Their scope of responsibility is wide-ranging and varies from country to country, and they are required to provide direct healthcare services to their citizens, including epidemiology and disease prevention. In the area of providing care, public health organizations, along Read more

Six reasons why governments should upgrade to Windows 10 

3 min read

Since Microsoft released Windows 10 earlier this year, users have been implementing it in spades. To date, there have been more than 110 million activations of our new operating system, including 12 million business PCs, and we expect many more to follow with our recent first major update. Read more