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Shefy Manayil Kareem Posts

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Shefy Manayil Kareem
General Manager, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
3 min read

Streamline supplier engagement with the new ESG value chain solution 

The ESG value chain solution, a feature in Microsoft Sustainability Manager, will enable organizations to collect and report more detailed data about sustainability activities from their value chain partners. With this capability, you can create surveys and other customized workflows designed to collect emissions and ESG data needed for reporting and science-based target setting and reductions.  
9 min read

Introducing new ESG data and reporting capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability 

New tools can play a critical role in helping organizations prepare for CSRD. We're announcing powerful new reporting capabilities to help organizations collect and manage more ESG data. Microsoft Sustainability Manager, a Cloud for Sustainability solution, is being expanded to give customers fuller visibility into their environmental impact across carbon, water, and waste.
6 min read

Introducing critical new water data capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability 

Increased demand and less reliable water supply have put the world at a critical turning point: Sustainable water management must be prioritized. Today we’re announcing powerful new water sustainability management features (in preview) in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and an extended collaboration with Ecolab to help organizations accelerate their progress on water sustainability.