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Microsoft at DISTRIBUTECH International: Innovation and technology for the power and utilities industry 

The power and utilities sector plays a critical role in building a sustainable energy future while providing safe, reliable, affordable, clean energy to homes and businesses. As a technology innovator and partner of the industry, the Microsoft Energy team looks forward to participating in DISTRIBUTECH International in Dallas, Texas, from May 23 to 25, 2022, the leading annual energy transmission and distribution event for North America. We’re energized to connect with the industry, customers, and partners to share innovations and technologies that transform energy, improve operational efficiencies, and advance sustainability goals.  

Our team will be on stage and at the Microsoft booth together with our partners and customers to highlight success stories in digital transformation, grid flexibility, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, enhancing system operations and reliability, cybersecurity, carbon tracking, and more. Program highlights featuring the Microsoft Energy team include: 

  • Jon Guidroz, Worldwide Strategy Leader, Energy Industry, will join a panel discussion with Exelon and Itron to share insights on digital partnerships that deliver analytics outcomes. They will describe the growing value of analytics integrated to the meter to support utility outcomes in outage management, customer engagement, distributed energy resources (DER) and electric vehicle (EV) integration, distribution automation, and other applications.
  • Hanna Grene, Director, Americas Power and Utilities, will host a fireside chat with Exelon’s Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, Sunny Elebua, to share sustainability initiatives at Exelon as well as other leading decarbonization practices across the industry. 

Accelerating digital transformation through collaborative partnerships  

As we continue the journey to a net-zero future, Microsoft is proud to announce an expanded partnership with a key partner, Itron. With the enormous energy challenges the world is facing, collaboration has become more important than ever to get to net-zero. Through strategic partnerships, Microsoft continues to extend our global energy partner ecosystem that fosters innovative technology development and enables digital transformation.

Through the expanded partnership, Microsoft and Itron will help accelerate cloud adoption and the next generation of consumer and grid edge solutions for the utility industry. The collaboration uniquely brings together Itron’s leading energy management solutions and Microsoft’s leading cloud solutions to transform how end users view and manage their energy, and how utilities meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. The collaboration between Itron and Microsoft will enable utilities to take advantage of cloud computing technology—in particular, edge computing—to accelerate advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) 2.0 capabilities including cloud-native analytics, distribution automation, carbon reporting, and an overall more flexible, scalable system to support customer and utility outcomes for a distributed, resilient energy grid. 

Together, Microsoft and Itron will partner to develop solutions that deliver insights and benefits for utilities to reach their goals, including grid resilience, decarbonization, consumer engagement, and operational efficiency.

Another key relationship we’re pleased to highlight is with Schneider Electric, which represents a partnership spanning more than 30 years fueled by a shared vision for energy efficiency and sustainability. At the heart of this partnership, Schneider’s solutions are powered by the most advanced evolution of Microsoft Azure and integrate process and energy technologies to deliver the full efficiency and sustainability potential for utility grids, buildings, data centers, industry, and infrastructure. Working together, and with the unique expertise Microsoft and Schneider can bring, we have the ability to accelerate progress and our continued partnership will enable us to get there. Learn more during Schneider’s presentation at the Microsoft booth on Monday, May 23, 2022. 

Microsoft’s vision for a net-zero future 

Technology will play a larger, more important role in helping the energy industry decarbonize and achieve a net-zero economy by 2050. No matter where companies are on their sustainability journey, Microsoft provides technology solutions that enable an easier, faster, automated way for organizations to collect and record environmental data, report actionable insights, and reduce carbon emissions. To support companies on this critical journey to net-zero, we are pleased to introduce Microsoft Sustainability Manager, available on June 1, 2022.

Our Sustainability Manager, a component of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, integrates powerful solutions delivered by Microsoft and our partners to help organizations manage sustainability progress end to end. These solutions offer a more automated and comprehensive view into the emissions impact of their entire operations and value chain by enabling organizations to record and more accurately report their emissions, and continually test and optimize reduction strategies to reach their goals. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability brings together capabilities that help organizations unify data intelligence and identify opportunities to build a more sustainable IT infrastructure. We encourage you to visit our DISTRIBUTECH booth to meet the Microsoft Sustainability team and experience firsthand how the solution can advance your company’s journey to net-zero. 

Join us at DISTRIBUTECH in Dallas, Texas 

If you are attending DISTRIBUTECH International 2022, we look forward to seeing you at the show and at the Microsoft booth 1023, where you can meet with the Microsoft Energy team, our partners, and customers and learn how we are working together to power a sustainable future.