Driven by an explosion in new device types and ubiquitous connectivity, mobility is redefining how people use technology in every aspect of their lives, including interactions with their financial institution. At Microsoft, we think of mobility in banking as increasing banker efficiency and transforming the way banks interact with each customer. This will translate into a new customer experience.

In this new era we are helping financial institutions move from a transaction-centric model to a customer-centric model. Our goal is to enable them to differentiate themselves from the competition by creating new ways to communicate and collaborate across the enterprise, optimize their customer interactions, and extract more value from their customer relationships. In short, it is focused on helping the financial services industry deliver amazing customer experiences.

At Microsoft, the convergence of our hardware, software and commitment to security uniquely positions us to help banks develop and integrate a mobile strategy into their existing infrastructure. Today we want to look at a few solutions and how banks are using them to make strides in providing employees with the solutions they need in order to drive a consistent and secure customer experience over any and all devices.

Earn customer loyalty through CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to help our customers win long-term customer loyalty with effortless customer service that’s responsive and personalized, through web, social, chat, mobile, and phone channels. One example of this is Metro Bank in the UK. It was founded on a simple precept: to offer the best customer experience, how, when and where the customer wants it. Its motto is “no stupid bank rules” and its focus is on bringing back traditional retail banking, supported by flexible technology. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Yammer, Metro Bank gives its people the solutions they need to support the personalized interactions that are the hallmark of its business. For a company like Metro Bank – where customer experience is everything – Microsoft Dynamics CRM is essential to its business. 

Drive banker productivity and new ways of communicating with your customers

Microsoft’s productivity platform empowers your people to be present in the financial lives of your customers any time, any place, across any channel or any device. It also supports your people with greater insight into financial, risk and business performance, and to protect your customer’s financial data. Our easily customizable, scalable platform can integrate with your existing systems to empower advisors with real-time access to client and industry data, along with applications required to identify profitable customers, provide superior financial advice and execute on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

A key part of this platform is Skype for Business, which eases daily communications through seamless integration with your platform and provides IM and presence, video conferencing, online meetings and telephony capabilities at your fingertips. The benefit is that you can stay connected to the collective intelligence of your organization and take advantage of your colleagues’ financial expertise quickly to deliver better client service. Skype for Business connects people everywhere, on Windows 8.1 and other operating systems including mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience.

Drive branch banking innovation with device support

In today’s branch environment, the ability to provide associates with the mobility to engage customers on a personal level is key. Imagine having the ability to receive a VIP alert, seamlessly greet the customer with a tablet, and quickly fulfill an account opening process via a touch-enabled device. Imagine front-line staff having the ability to greet customers in long queues, deal with their queries there and then with a tablet, or identify them so that when they are dealt with by another employee their requests are already logged in the system. Technologies like Windows 8.1 help to improve employee productivity, increase customer profitability and reduce operational costs within the branch. New form factors such as tablets, convertibles and all-in-ones, coupled with Microsoft Office, Skype for Business, and line of business applications which leverage customer relationship management and business intelligence tools, empower employees to provide faster resolution to customer needs within the branch and maximize every customer interaction as a sales opportunity.

Our Partners

At Microsoft, we also work with our partners to bring banking solutions to market. One such partnership is Accenture and Avanade. Last year, Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft developed an initiative called Smart Banking that illustrates the technologies that can help banks transform their mobile strategy. Some key features of Smart Banking include:

  • ATM 2.0: by deploying Kinect observation technology at ATMs, Smart Banking can offer increased customer experience analytics—providing banks with a richer, more complete view of their customers.
  • Virtual Greeter: arrange a meeting with a financial advisor, deliver tailored financial solutions or locate the nearest bank branch from an in-branch kiosk or personal mobile device.
  • Kinect @ Branch: Kinect facial recognition technology detects customers and automatically serves relevant content to them through a bank’s shop window, complete with related financial products.
  • Branch on Tour: allows videos, products, campaigns and other cross-sold services to be displayed and marketed at public events and shopping malls, for example.
  • The Social Salesperson: a customer service revolution delivered within a Windows 8 environment: supercharged collaboration and internal communications thanks to social computing.
  • Windows 8 Home Banking: harnesses the power of mobile to provide a dashboard view of a customer’s accounts on a Windows 8 tablet or Windows Phone 8, as well as allowing deposits or transfers to be made.

Solutions from Microsoft and our partners can help banks strengthen relationships and move toward greater customer loyalty. We look forward to helping the financial services industry move ahead on its path to serve customers anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

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