Webcast: Celent & Microsoft – performing resource intensive calculations in the cloud

Date Recorded: 7/17/2015
Time: 9:00 AM PDT
Duration: 30 minutes
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Presented by:
Jamie Macgregor, Senior Vice President, Insurance, Celent
Tony Jacob, Managing Director, Worldwide Insurance, Microsoft
Jonathan Silverman, Industry Solutions Director, Worldwide Insurance, Microsoft

In risk modelling, speed and capacity are the keys to business value. The faster you run your models, and the more scenarios you run within them, the more accurate your models will be. But there is no value in managing an infrastructure to deliver capacity you only use sometimes – and that’s where the cloud makes a compelling proposition.

Watch this webcast to hear from Celent and Microsoft on a recent report: ‘The Case for Performing Resource-Intensive Calculations in the Cloud’.

During the webcast, Celent will highlight both the financial and practical implications faced by insurers when considering moving to the cloud for resource-intensive actuarial and risk modelling calculations.

Based upon interviews with early adopters, we will explain how the cloud can help insurers achieve significant efficiencies, improve accuracy in risk modelling, and drive agility in responding to market conditions and regulatory demands.

Now available on demand