Consider this scenario: one of your customers wants to buy an island vacation home. While researching online from her PC, she receives a targeted offer for great rates on second home mortgages. She’s prompted to start an online application, but only gets partway through before she has to stop working.

Later, she has the flexibility to continue filling out the application on her tablet, continuing from right where she left off. She has a question, and connects instantly with a customer service representative.

After the customer answers a few questions specific to her account and purchasing habits, the representative is able to offer tailored assistance. From recommending a relevant second-home insurance policy to upgrading her expiring credit card to one with reward miles, the representative is able to address the customer’s needs in a way that’s contextual and relevant for her home-buying experience.


Imagine the possibilities – anticipating customers’ needs and tailoring offerings to match 

The proactive personalization offered to our vacation home buyer exists everywhere in our world. And for many consumers, it’s becoming the expectation. Their Netflix account knows who they are when they sign in, has the exact spot in their current show saved, and recommends new shows they might like based on past viewing. And this experience isn’t unique to video streaming – it’s available as people listen to music, shop online, browse the web, search for lodging, and more.

Given this new landscape, banks face an imperative to improve the customer experience. The alternative is to risk becoming irrelevant. Customers have come to expect a personalized, proactive banking service. And when expectations aren’t met, research shows that customers simply move on: nearly 20% of millennials switched banks in the past 12 months*.

Turn possibilities into reality – engage your customers with proactive, personalized actions

The idea of providing a tailored, proactive banking service isn’t a new concept. What’s different today is the technology available to help banks anticipate and deliver the “next best action”.

Banks have a wealth of data from a variety of sources and activities – every transaction, customer service call, click, tweet, chat session, like, post, check-in and more. Using this data, firms can learn the needs, activities and preferences of their customers. The challenge is to uncover these insights, use them to anticipate customers’ actions, and deliver a tailored, consistent experience across every channel.

To accomplish this, banks need big data and advanced analytics technology that connects insights to customer- and employee-facing channels. Technology that can process massive amounts of data in real-time and quickly turn it into personalized recommendations delivered at the right time and place.

Introducing Veripark Next Best Action

Veripark Next Best Action solution, built on Microsoft Cloud Technology, empowers banks to deliver relevant, timely and coordinated offers. This results in a better, more personal customer experience that increases competitive differentiation and customer retention. VeriPark_Logo_ImageUsing Cortana Intelligence Suite’s big data and advanced analytics capabilities, like machine learning, Next Best Action analyzes data streams to predict the optimal next actions to take with a given customer. These are delivered as real-time recommendations or automatic actions across inbound and outbound channels, including mobile, web, branch, contact center, email and social media.


Show customers they’re not just another number

Take the guess work out of delighting existing clientele and knowing which customers you need to work harder to keep. Ultimately, customers want to know they matter, not to feel like one account in a sea of accounts. Next Best Action makes it easy to for your employees to deliver relevant, consistent recommendations to each customer. It enables you to identify customers that have a high risk of changing firms or of being targeted by competitor campaigns. Next Best Action also prevents customers from being targeted simultaneously for different products or through various channels which compete for their attention.

The recommendations generated by Next Best Action take all available customer data in to account – transaction history, saving patterns, location, social media activity, bank interactions, and more. These recommendations equip every employee with knowledge that helps them engage customers and position offerings in a way that doesn’t feel overly invasive or break the natural conversation. The real-time, 360-degree view empowers your employees to personalize the customer experience and anticipate needs based on the customer’s profile and personal goals. As a result, the customer can focus on your offering, rather than getting confused or aggravated by the engagement experience itself.

Save money and time with a cloud-based solution that’s part of the Dynamics suite

By targeting customers more precisely with Next Best Action, banks can reduce costs and increase return on marketing investments. Instead of broad, scattershot campaigns, resources go to the activities that drive the most impact.

And even beyond driving greater return, Next Best Action saves you money. It’s a software-as-a-service solution that operates on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. That means there are no hardware investments or maintenance costs. And Next Best Action works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so there’s no lengthy, expensive integration process.

It’s about getting personal in a whole new way

The days of one-stop shops and long-term customer loyalty are over. Today, the consumer demands a high-level of personalization, enabled through a variety of technologies that touch every aspect of their life. You have to continually earn your customer’s business by giving them what they want and not spamming them with irritating, irrelevant messages that they will only ignore.

With Veripark Next Best Action solution built on Microsoft Cloud Technology, you gain a powerful tool for improving customer relationships. Get ready for the glowing customer reviews to pour in.

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*Accenture Consumer Banking Survey, 2015.