Seeing the big picture: Bringing it all together with Customer Insight Solutions for Banking

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Imagine this scenario: A customer calls their bank, confirming funds from a check they deposited have posted. After verifying the customer’s account, the call center employee assures the customer it will be posted tomorrow. The customer is relieved and satisfied – but did the bank make the most out of the interaction? Modern banking requires efficient customer engagement and meeting more than the minimum standards of customer satisfaction. Imagine if the employee had the ability to go beyond the customer’s initial request and add value to the customer relationship. If the employee could view the customer’s channel utilization information through their account, the call center rep could have seen that the customer did not have the bank’s mobile app installed. Then, the employee could offer to help the customer set up the banking app and to receive notifications when funds become available. Or, if the call center rep was aware that the bank was missing key parts of the customer’s account information, they could have used the call as an opportunity to fill in data gaps.

Traditional banking interactions are inefficient, overly narrow engagements limited by minimal or inaccessible customer data. Today’s customers want their banks to be proactive, personal, and quick. However, bank employees are unable to deliver on these expectations because they lack the ability to tie together customer preferences, decisions, previous conversations, and more—they lack the big picture.

Turning data into insight

Modernize Customer Interaction GraphicWith nearly every transaction in the banking industry executed electronically, the amount of data generated is staggering. However, while data is pervasive, it does not always yield insights immediately. Banks have a plethora of information at their disposal—from product usage to channel utilization data—but they need a data management approach to bring this data together from all parts of the business.

According to a Capgemini study of banks, 57% of respondents cite data silos as being the biggest impediment to effective decision-making in their organization . For all our advancements in data collection, often banks are faced with the challenges of unifying data from separate channels and integrating it for a holistic view of the data. Banks that empower all their employees with actionable customer insights will be better positioned to address customer issues for increased customer satisfaction. Before this is possible, banks need to solve their major pain points ranging from siloed customer data, compliance issues, inconsistent channel integration, usage of expensive, highly assisted channels to poor portfolio management.

Increase data quality graphicWith these challenges, banks today are just operating blindly, without a specific target in mind. Suppose instead, you could easily identify which customers were at risk for churn. Or you knew a customer frequently worked with the call center to resolve issues that could more quickly be solved on the mobile app. What if you could solve data compliance issues by working with customers when you have them to fill in missing information?

With more visibility into the information that banks already have at their disposal, banks gain an easy way of knowing the right customers to focus on at the right time. Let’s explore how banks can provide great service and lower costs with a customer insights solution that addresses these pain points.

Introducing Customer Insights for Banking

Identify the right customers graphicCustomer Insights for Banking, built on Microsoft Cloud Technology, empowers banks and bank employees with dashboards can also be customized to deliver the most pertinent holistic, 360-degree view of customers. The solution consolidates data from across the business, enabling bank employees to drive more informed conversations with customers. With role-based views, information in real-time—increasing servicing efficiency across all employees. By collecting customer data from a variety of customer contact points, including emails, mobile apps, call centers, in-branch interactions, and ATMs, Customer Insights for Banking gives your people insight into product usage, channel interactions and more. This enables them to deliver informed, personalized offers and services to customers. 

Improve the customer interaction graphicWithout this capability, banks stand to lose to competitors that have replaced guesswork with data-informed decision making and seamless customer experiences across all channels. Bringing your data together with Customer Insights for Banking is the first step towards standing up against the competition. To learn how your bank can leverage Customer Insights for Banking to drive more profitable and long-lasting customer relationships, check out the solution preview today.




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