09.03.2014 Karen McCandless

OnWindows: Speak Magazine, Autumn 2014

Speak provides its readers with a quarterly digest of features, commentary and case studies focusing on the role of Microsoft technology in the retail, hospitality and consumer industries.

Jeppesen has released its FliteDeck Pro electronic flight bag (EFB) solution for Microsoft Windows 8 tablets. 

The EFB solution helps streamline the use of navigational information for airlines, fractional business jet operators and military fleet programmes, according to the company. 

It can give flight crews quicker and more efficient access to key, real-time information and resources such as dynamic charts and navigation utilities. 

Full Jeppesen content is resident on the device, which eliminates the need for online connectivity while in the air. 

Database updates are intelligent, involving ‘changes only’ content replacement, which reduces database update times. 

Improved safety margins are also achieved through increased situational awareness. 

“Pilots will now be able to open two applications side-by-side on screen to access critical flight information such as text and enroute charts in a split view, with Windows 8,” said Tracy Issel, general manager for retail, consumer goods, hospitality and travel at Microsoft. “The full HD 1080p Surface tablet provides seamless delivery of real-time flight data from Jeppesen in all lighting conditions, and pilots can configure their tablet to provide the right information at the right time.” 

Delta Air Lines is equipping 11,000 pilots with FliteDeck Pro on Surface 2 tablets across its fleet to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and decrease pilot workload. 

When the Delta news was first announced in September, Delta that removing the 38-pound pilot flight bags is expected to reduce fuel usage by an estimated 1.2 million gallons per year. 

This translates to a 26-million-pound reduction in carbon emissions — the equivalent of taking more than 2,300 passenger cars off the road. 

Additionally, the tablet will cut the airline’s paper usage by 7.5 million sheets annually and save an estimated 900 trees each year. All Delta cockpits are projected to be paperless by the end of 2014. 

The solution allows aircraft to go paperless, which can lead to significant weight savings through reduced fuel consumption. 

To learn more about Jeppesen solutions visithttp://www.microsoft.com/enterprise/partner/Jeppesen/default.aspx