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Our largest partner event of the year is Microsoft Inspire from July 19 to 20, 2022. To kick it off, let’s reflect on the amazing achievements of our Microsoft Cloud for Industries partners this year. From the launch of our first industry cloud in 2020, our partners have been key to our mission to help our customers make faster and more intelligent decisions specific to the business challenges of their industries. These partners have expanded our Microsoft Cloud for Industries with industry-specific solutions built upon our first-party solutions and common data models combined with the power of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Building better together

Microsoft Cloud for Industries offerings are composable and extendable platforms, allowing partners with subject matter expertise to create solutions tailored for customers’ specific needs. Our solutions focus on key business use cases. Capitalizing on the vertical experience of leading independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators, we aim to unleash value quickly, build for the future, and exceed customer expectations with security at the core. 

You can find published industry clouds partner solutions across healthcare, financial services, retail, and sustainability on our industry clouds gallery on AppSource. Some recently published solutions are shared below.

TCS and Wipro join our existing partners Accenture and Avanade, EY, Hitachi, Avtex, HCL, and PwC to help accelerate healthcare digital transformation on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

  • Wipro Ltd’s Complete Care, based on Dynamics 365, provides a platform that allows healthcare experts from different parts of the eco-system to collaborate on patient care. When integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Wipro’s Biomarker Hub and clinical feasibility tool extends the ability for precision recruitment of a globally diverse population at scale.

“At Wipro, we pride ourselves on bringing bold and actionable solutions to our life sciences clients to solve their toughest business issues around the ‘molecule to patient’ journey. Integrating our proprietary tools with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare can provide patients a frictionless healthcare experience with control and access to integrated and holistic data flow across all stakeholders involved in their continuum of care.”—Gaurica Chacko, Global Domain and Consulting Leader of Life Sciences, Wipro.

The fluidity of data across the enterprise and the health ecosystem is foundational to improving access, reducing costs and elevating experience of care. Acceleration in scientific and technology innovation is enabling the launch of new products in the new care settings, improving health and wellness of the communities at large. By partnering with Microsoft, we are able to help our payor customers on the journey to be the orchestrators of health and wellness for their members.” —Nitin Kumar, Vice President, Global Head for Healthcare, TCS.

  • Redox specializes in electronic health record (EHR) integration with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, building a connector with bidirectional data flow from any customer EHR into dataverse via Azure Healthcare application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Mazik (Quisitive) offers MazikCare Medic Connect, transforming EHR data from multiple sources into actionable records for providers to better manage their practice.
  • The Neudesic Healthcare Care Management Platform utilized the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare data model to serve specialized needs populations, geriatric patients, and accountable care organizations (ACO).
  • Thought Machine and Mambu, two leading core banking providers, published data connectors for the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services. They represent a new breed of lean, cloud-native, core banking providers, enabling financial institutions to respond to their rapidly evolving consumer demands.

“Thought Machine has built the Vault platform—modern cloud-native core and payments technology enabling banks and fintechs to remain competitive and flourish into the future. As we accelerate our mission of putting the world’s banks in the cloud, we are proud to partner with Microsoft. Together, we are empowering our clients to build their bank of the future with best practices in software engineering and strong service capabilities.”—Aidan de Gruchy, Senior Partnerships Manager, Thought Machine.

“Partnerships are at the heart of how we work as we believe that no single vendor can be the best at every part of a digital ecosystem. So we work with best of service partners like Microsoft as well as consultancy and banking solution partners. Together with Mambu as the core and Microsoft’s industry cloud we can offer customers the rich solutions they need to stand out in a crowded market. This helps financial service providers gain a 360 view of customers to deliver personal experiences, fast and smoothly.”—Werner Knoblich, Chief Revenue Officer, Mambu.

  • Bambu launched an AI Predictive Planning solution integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services. Their AI-trained model forecasts a user’s life events and recommends actions toward their savings goals. The solution is built for financial advisors and relationship managers who want to reliably provide comprehensive and personalized wealth management services for their clients.

“The partnership with Microsoft will introduce Bambu’s cutting edge investment solutions through the industry cloud for Financial Services. This opens up a multitude of opportunities for both organizations to meet the industry need to help financial advisors and relationship managers improve client assessment and engagement – a truly transformative step in Wealth Management.”—Ajay Kamath, Commercial Director, Bambu.

  • Accenture and Avanade’s Banking Accelerator is designed to help customer acquisition and retention, create better lead management, improve the customer onboarding experience, increase the productivity of client services teams, and provide proactive financial notification to help customers plan in both the near and long term.

“We believe that being truly human in banking interactions means putting people first and reconnecting with customers to win back trust. This is the basis of real differentiation from agile fintech and neo bank competitors. Leveraging the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to create a Human-Centered Digital Bank, our Banking Accelerator creates a personalized, secure, virtual banking system, where every interaction can be mined for data and corresponding action.”—Michelle Baxter, Executive Global Financial Services Lead, Avanade.

PwC’s Customer Link is a customer data platform built to provide its clients with a holistic consumer profile. Customer Link allows clients to take their first-party data and combine it with PwC’s differentiated data fabric covering the entire United States adult population and approximately 65,000 attributes about each of them. In addition, Customer Link allows clients to apply embedded AI and machine learning models to create a robust and integrated view of individuals, households, and segments of consumers. Customer Link further allows clients to build and activate personalized, real-time, omni-channel customer engagement campaigns.

”Many of my clients realize that they need to get back to basics when it comes to creating real customer engagement.   That means they need to truly understand the customers’ wants and needs so that they can create moments that matter.  PwC’s Customer Link is a powerful tool that many of our clients have used to understand their customers in order to create relevant products and services that end users desire and demand.”—Brian Morris, Partner, Customer Analytics & Marketing, PwC.

  • dunnhumby’s customer-first category solutions empower retailers to make confident, data-led decisions that improve the customer experience and grow sales. Enabled for Microsoft Cloud for Retail, dunnhumby Shop on Microsoft Azure gives retailers and brands quick, self-serve access to powerful insights that reveal what shoppers really want. dunnhumby Assortment helps retailers efficiently optimize their assortment for any scenario by building on the purchasing choices of their customers. As retail margins become infinitely smaller, product margin becomes the primary decision criteria as to what makes it onto the shelf and what doesn’t—not always delivering results that put customers first. 

“Innovations in AI and machine learning are reshaping the possibilities for businesses, with data forming the backbone of many retailers’ and brands’ future collaboration plans. Together we combine Microsoft’s leadership in cloud technology with dunnhumby’s data science expertise to help retailers and brands bring their data to life and access valuable customer insights at speed, in a secure and scalable way.”—Will Adcock, Global Head of Partnerships, Alliances and Data Propositions, dunnhumby.

  • Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management is an integral part of a broad set of supply chain and retail capabilities that help organizations reduce costs, increase revenue, retain and recruit employees, and better serve their customers.

“In today’s tight labor market, it is important for companies to be able to manage their workforce efficiently in order to be successful and meet consumer demands. Whether you use Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management solution in a warehouse or in a retail setting, the solution helps employers with the capabilities they need to keep their workforce happy and engaged. And by integrating with Microsoft Teams and the Shift connecter, Blue Yonder and Microsoft give frontline workers the freedom to work the way they want, securely, and with streamlined tools that support the unique demands of the frontline.”—Scott Adams, Senior Product Director – Workforce Management, Blue Yonder.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability launched in June 2022 with more than a dozen sustainability-focused partners. Solutions for water, predictive maintenance, smart facilities, and emissions management from ABB, Accenture and Avanade, Blue Yonder, Capgemini, EcoLab, Honeywell, Iconics, JCI, TCS, and Transparency-One together with Bentley, EcoVadis, EY, and PwC give customers an edge to positively impact fiscal performance and manage carbon emissions.

  • The Bentley iTwin Platform is open, scalable, and vendor-agnostic—it enables an ecosystem of developers to create and bring solutions to market that solve real infrastructure problems. 

“At Bentley Systems, we believe that an ecosystem approach is required to drive the unprecedented transformation to net-zero and we are delighted to deepen our strategic partnership with Microsoft to further empower our users to achieve their sustainable development goals.”—Rodrigo Fernandes, Director of Empowering Sustainable Development Goals and Product Strategy with Bentley Systems.

  • EcoVadis Sustainability Intelligence suite can measure and demonstrate your company’s performance, and the performance of your trading partners, on a rich, multi-tiered scale, and share it with multiple clients with maximum credibility, confidentiality, and control.
  • EY helps clients solve new business challenges such as energy transition and decarbonization, stakeholder and risk management, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings management, regulatory compliance, and external reporting with the EY Decarbonization Management Platform.  

“We’re proud to be an early access partner with Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability. Our two purpose-driven organizations have set forth important sustainability targets that will allow us, and our clients, to innovate solutions that help transition to clean and more sustainable operations.”—Ben Taylor, Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCASS) Strategy and Markets Leader, EY. 

Finally, congratulations to the 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards winners and finalists which include industry clouds partners, HCL Technologies and TCS.

Learn more about Microsoft Cloud for Industries at Microsoft Inspire

Register to join us digitally at Microsoft Inspire from July 19 to 20, 2022. Be sure to attend our industry sessions on July 20, 2022:

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  • BRK52: Inspiration to action: The partner value in Microsoft Cloud for Retail at 10:30 AM–11:00 AM PT
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  • BRK54: Drive innovation and social impact with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit at 10:30 AM–11:00 AM PT
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