Orange County Sheriff’s Department minimizes risk through better government insight


For the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD), protecting more than 3 million citizens requires minimizing risk. The OCSD has historically relied on separate, paper-based processes across its management of commendations and complaints, traffic collisions, and other processes.

In 2012, the OCSD began looking for a platform that could help aggregate and analyze information. The OCSD deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in part for its flexibility to support a wide range of departmental processes.

One of the Department’s business goals was to improve the way it manages risks. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM they capture a wide range of information, from commendations and complaints to traffic collision data and workers’ compensation claims. OCSD officials can quickly analyze this information, giving them deeper insights into risks. As a result they now implement new policies and proactively act to reduce new risk exposure. Chris Corn, OCSD sergeant noted, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides us a better tool to manage our risk. If we notice things that aren’t going as well as they could, we know a lot sooner now and we can take care of those issues”. Captain Paul D’Auria adds, “As we bring more data into the system we are able to make increasingly better decisions. The system keeps getting better and better.”

Like the OCSD, governments at all levels are seeking more efficient ways to mitigate risk. Risk is a part of life, and no organization is immune. Yet because of their high degree of contact with the public, governments face a wide range of risks that can increase their insurance costs and subject them to lawsuits. These risks can include workers’ compensation claims, traffic collisions, legal claims against case workers, IT data breaches, sewage overflows, and the use of force-to name just a few. By streamlining their data collection processes and storing this information in a secure, centralized system, governments can quickly identify trends that put them at risk, and take swift action to change these patterns.

After working with Orange County, Tribridge developed a new solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to help state and local governments manage and mitigate risks across the enterprise. The Tribridge Enterprise Risk Management Solution (Tribridge ERM) leverages the Tribridge team’s deep knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and years of experience building solutions for State and Local Governments.

For example, all organizations need to manage workplace safety to reduce accidents and injury involving both employees and citizens. With Tribridge ERM, state and local governments can capture and analyze data about accidents and injuries to determine root causes of incidents and prescribe appropriate corrective action to mitigate the risk associated with an incident. Most importantly, Tribridge ERM gives an organization the tools to follow-up on the corrective actions and alert managers when a follow-up process is not completed in a timely manner.

Usage scenarios span government functions, including health and human services. For example consider a scenario where a child under state watch is injured. Typically the purpose-built case management system for that child welfare function helps manage attention to that child to reduce further injury, but it probably does not provide information about the injury to leaders focused on departmental risk mitigation. The Tribridge ERM solution is the answer to this problem, providing means for risk monitoring and management.

In addition to its data analysis capabilities, Tribridge’s ERM solution can be used to build customizable dashboards complete with big-picture information, such as the number and type of incidents and how quickly they’re resolved. With high-level statistical data at their fingertips, government officials can quickly make changes that improve their results.

While the Tribridge solution can be implemented on-premises or in a hybrid environment, deploying it in the cloud with Microsoft Cloud for Government is a great way to reduce costs and increase security. The Microsoft Cloud for Government reduces capital and operating costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain one’s own IT infrastructure. The platform has features designed to support several certifications-including the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)-providing a far higher level of security than most state and local governments can achieve on their own.

Learn about all of this and more at our Microsoft Dynamics Trust Center.

With the Tribridge ECM secure, cost-effective solution, governments have the insight they need to effectively manage their operational risks.

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