Back in March, Microsoft announced that we were on track to secure a number of compliance milestones with the Federal government. Today, FedRAMP confirmed that Azure Government was one of the cloud service providers selected to participate in the FedRAMP High Pilot to build the High Impact Baseline, and that we have received a High Impact Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) signature for our Azure Government environment. This is the highest impact level for FedRAMP accreditation.

Up until this point, federal agencies could only migrate low and moderate impact workloads. Now, Azure Government has controls in place to securely process high-impact level data—that is, data that, if leaked or improperly protected, could have a severe adverse effect on organizational operations, assets, or individuals.

Matt Goodrich, director for FedRAMP’s Program Management Office at the U.S. General Services Administration, affirmed the significance of this news, saying,

“The creation of the FedRAMP High Security Baseline is essential in allowing agencies to migrate more high-impact level data to the cloud. Microsoft Azure Government’s Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the FedRAMP JAB is a testament to Microsoft’s ability to meet the government’s rigorous security requirements.”

Since our March announcement, we continued working closely with the FedRAMP Program Management Office to expand our scope and speed of service accreditation. The Azure Government FedRAMP High accreditation now covers 13 customer-facing services, including Azure Key Vault, Express Route, and Web Apps which were added to the scope in May, representing a significantly more agile pace of accreditation to the benefit of Federal customers.

Microsoft remains committed to delivering the most complete, trusted cloud platform to customers. This accreditation helps demonstrate our differentiated ability to support the unique needs of government agencies as they transition to the cloud.