In today’s changing world, technology can play a pivotal role in helping governments address some of society’s most complex issues. However, the scale and pace of digital transformation are also bringing new challenges and intensifying existing inequities in communities around the world.

Our vision

At Microsoft, we aspire towards a healthy, sustainable, and secure world, in which inclusive, accessible, and personalized services are seamlessly blended into everyday life. To do this effectively, we must empower governments to reset their economies and ways of working as they navigate through the ongoing pandemic, respond to the increased citizen demands of today, and embrace emerging technologies to transform their tomorrow.

Bringing solutions to life

Our partners play an integral part in realizing this vision. Together, through our industry-specific insights, solutions, and services, we can keep governments running today and blaze new trails for the technology of tomorrow. Like any innovation, our Microsoft solutions come to life through people—and people are powered by collaboration. Through the collaboration of our public sector experts and our partner ecosystem, we can scale and deliver solutions to support governments around the world to protect lives and critical infrastructure, deliver vital services like healthcare and education, and remain connected to people when it matters most.

My heartfelt thanks go to our partner community for the impact we have driven together for our government customers this year. In particular, I am delighted to recognize Best. Projects as our Microsoft 2021 Global Government Partner of the Year for their innovative solution to deliver food to vulnerable communities in Brazil during the global pandemic. Special thanks also to our finalists for their ongoing commitment and strong partnership to empower governments around the world: Hitachi Solutions EuropeMicroland Limited, and VU Security.

Whether our partnerships are helping the homeless to get free meals, enabling people around the world to receive essential supplies during the pandemic, or providing people with a safe and secure way to access digital services and benefits—our work together matters.

Looking forward

At Microsoft, we are more committed than ever to working with our partners to push the boundaries of traditional government, inspire our government customers to meet their mission today, and set the vision for how, together, we solve the challenges of the future.

Read more about Microsoft government partnerships and join us at #MSInspire from July 14-15 where we will celebrate exemplary achievements from across our global partner ecosystem.