Despite all the digital transformation discussions currently happening in healthcare, providers still struggle to implement efficient patient engagement strategies. Many providers assume that their current patient engagement systems are effective, despite evidence to the contrary—only 29% percent of patients would award their providers an “A” for their use of technology when interacting with them.

It’s time patient engagement moved to the forefront of healthcare providers’ transformation strategy, and choosing the right technology plays a crucial role in long-term success. With a more intelligent patient engagement solution, providers have an opportunity to take advantage of compelling new benefits. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these benefits to see how patient engagement can impact an entire healthcare organization.

Improve clinician effectiveness and gain visibility into patient progress
Healthcare providers want better outcomes for their patients and are quickly realizing that improved engagement is key to getting there. Yet, complex workflows, overscheduling, and time-consuming manual tasks leave little time for providers to implement a new engagement strategy. In fact, 63% of healthcare executives say that time is their biggest challenge in incorporating patient engagement into care delivery. With the right tools, care managers don’t have to waste time playing phone tag or manually tracking patient-generated health data—activities that hinder their visibility, impact, and influence on a patient’s progress.

To save time and effort, providers need a system that interacts seamlessly with connected health devices and provides a secure platform for sending messages and other health-related information to patients. With an intelligent patient engagement solution, providers can see progress in real-time, connect with patients on their terms, and offer personalized guidance to support care plan adherence. It also helps health organizations optimize care manager time, freeing up hours that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary in-person visits.

By empowering providers, care managers and patients to connect directly via a secure platform, organizations can optimize clinician workflows and start reimagining the patient experience.


Enhance the patient experience and maintain personalized care plans

Despite best intentions, many healthcare providers struggle to deliver high-quality, accessible care that meets patient demands. Today’s patients expect real-time support and care plan adjustments without having to visit their providers every time. The last thing they want to do is sift through paper plans provided after in-clinic visits or try to fit inconvenient phone interactions into their busy lives. In fact, 90% of patients want to manage their own healthcare through technology.

An interactive patient engagement solution helps patients manage their personalized care plans via mobile apps and access their data at any time, enabling them to take more control of their health while simultaneously reducing the burden on providers. In fact, 70% of individuals with a long-term condition say their care has improved because of personalized care planning.

With remote access to their care team, patients can reach out with questions and concerns without having to schedule in-person consultations, increasing communication and collaboration between patients and care teams. Plus, with more effective tools to help care managers collect and interpret patient data gathered through various devices such as glucometers, blood pressure monitors, and weight scales, providers can now capture reimbursements that drive revenue and grow their organization.

By getting patients more involved in their health with an easy-to-use patient engagement system, providers can improve the patient experience and achieve better outcomes.


Connect providers and patients on a smarter platform

Implementing a new patient engagement system may seem daunting, but the benefits speak for themselves. Ellie Patient Engagement and Care Management from Get Real Health helps healthcare organizations increase care manager efficiency, develop new patient experiences, and drive positive health outcomes. Ellie Patient Engagement and Care Management is offered as part of Personalized Care, a suite of Microsoft and partner health solutions. To learn more about Ellie Patient Engagement and Care Management, visit AppSource.