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Learn how to drive business value through healthcare IoT at IoT in Action

The healthcare industry is fast embracing the Internet of Things (IoT). And for good reason with its ability to rapidly transform organizations for the better, as well as lower medical costs and improve healthcare quality. By 2022, projections indicate that the market for healthcare IoT solutions will reach $158B USD.

Recognizing the growth and potential of IoT, Microsoft has committed $5 billion to IoT over the next four years with the goal of helping transform industries and enhance customer experiences. To hear from partners and customers who have collaborated successfully to deploy repeatable solutions across key industry sectors, including healthcare, be sure to register for this year’s IoT in Action event series.

Enabling digital healthcare of the future

IoT solutions are transforming the way healthcare companies do business and creating real impact, from helping monitor patient care at home with wearable sensors to tracking equipment usage with intelligent sensors. As the healthcare industry is discovering, true digital transformation occurs when they can connect devices to each other and the cloud and receive real-time data that allows them to quickly respond and make decisions in the moment.

Companies like Roche Diagnostics – who builds connected medical devices so clinicians can make data-driven decisions – are finding new scenarios to drive success through IoT. And with advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the intelligent edge, digital healthcare IoT solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Microsoft works to stay ahead of advancing technology and trends to meet customers’ changing needs. Our IoT offerings include what healthcare companies need to get started, from operating systems to cloud services to advanced analytics to business applications. Using IoT solutions, the healthcare industry can transform how hospitals operate, the care and treatment of patients, and vital equipment maintenance.

Securing health data

With so many components, IoT-enabled devices without the proper management and security pose enormous risks. Add in the fact that connected devices and applications are fueling an explosion in confidential medical data – and the need for secured devices is even more essential. Recognizing the importance of this issue across industries, Microsoft has taken the 7 Properties of Highly Secured Devices and created the Azure Sphere solution.

Azure Sphere serves as a secure foundation for the rapid creation of scalable and cost-effective intelligent products and experiences. Azure Sphere provides connectivity through highly-secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) devices. As a result, there is greater trust around the security of health data.

Improving health outcomes through partnership

While the healthcare industry is making rapid progress toward using IoT solutions to improve patient health outcomes and streamline communications, they still have challenges to overcome. Part of which is finding the right partner so they can quickly build and scale their solutions. Here at Microsoft, making those connections is a top priority.

To enable successful connections like this, the IoT in Action events will feature a digital matchmaking tool designed to help attendees identify and meet the partner or customer most suited to their immediate business need or opportunity.

Build healthcare IoT solutions with endless possibilities

IoT in Action is a one-day event designed to give you the chance to meet and collaborate with Microsoft’s customer and partner ecosystem to build and deploy new IoT solutions that can be used to transform the healthcare industry.

This year, we’ll be providing even more practical, hands-on technical sessions to help attendees bring IoT solutions to market faster. Our goals are to provide actionable insights, deepen partnerships, and unlock the transformative potential of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud.

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