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Windows 10: what it means for manufacturers

Microsoft recently shared its first sneak peek at the product direction for the Windows operating system and the upcoming release of Windows 10.

It’s an exciting first step for a whole new generation of Windows, and Microsoft is kicking off its open collaborative development effort, its largest ever, to change the way Windows is built and delivered for our customers.

While it’s still early, the initial features highlighted in the early technical preview are poised to offer some exciting new benefits and functionality for the manufacturing industry. I see some great opportunities with respect to connectivity, security and productivity.

For example, Windows 10 will adapt to the devices you’re using in your business—from your phones, tablets, desktops, workstations and embedded devices—and to what you’re doing for a consistent experience.

And if you’re developing in-house line-of-business applications, Microsoft is delivering a converged application platform with universal apps, so you’ll only have to write your apps once and be able to efficiently and quickly deploy them across multiple device types.

So far my experience using Windows 10 has revealed a significantly improved experience when moving from a workstation to a tablet that engineering and design users will appreciate. In particular, the new universal search, multiple desktop views, and Task view multitasking combined with the Start menu and universal app windows will be welcome additions for workstation users who use precision input with a mouse and keyboard. If you’re working with a tablet in the factory, on an assembly line or perhaps onsite with a client, you can switch to the Start screen and full screen universal apps where pen input and touch is natural and efficient.

If you haven’t yet, you can learn more about all the new features here.

So, please stay tuned. This is the start of our conversation with you about Windows 10. As new information is released, I’ll continue to share insights to help you plan and prepare to take full advantage of its benefits. In the meantime, you can read more in this post on Blogging Windows.

Finally, I encourage you to join the Windows Insider Program, test drive the technical preview, and let me know what you think!