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Here’s how to learn more about IoT in action for manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has a promising future full of streamlined operations, reduced costs, and opportunities to increase margins with new services. And it’s become even more promising as Microsoft recently announced that the company will invest $5 billion in the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next four years, giving every customer the ability to transform their businesses with connected solutions.

To experience in-person how Microsoft is helping the manufacturing industry refine operations with IoT technologies, sign up for the IoT in Action event series. Taking place in 12 cities globally, these events help provide actionable insights, deepen partnerships, and unlock the transformative potential of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud solutions.

Learn how to realize the possibilities

From helping them anticipate maintenance needs to minimizing downtime, to enabling new product as-a-service models with connected field service, IoT solutions open endless possibilities for the manufacturing industry. According to IDC, IoT solutions and connected devices can help manufacturers monitor, run, and maintain assets to drive performance, throughput, and safety, among other gains.

Microsoft works to stay ahead of advancing technology and trends to meet manufacturers’ changing needs. That’s why our IoT offerings include what businesses need to get started: operating systems, cloud services, advanced analytics, and business applications.

Beyond providing complete, end-to-end IoT offerings, Microsoft also values security from physical devices to services and data in the cloud. With so many components, IoT-enabled devices without the security element pose enormous risks. As part of Microsoft’s unique approach to IoT, Microsoft has taken the 7 Properties of Highly Secured Devices and created the Azure Sphere solution.

With the business transformation and technical training keynote and breakout sessions that are part of the IoT in Action events, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to build and deploy innovative manufacturing IoT solutions, as well as how to realize the possibilities with Windows and Azure IoT technologies.

See real world examples of IoT-enabled intelligent manufacturing

As industrial IoT solutions enable intelligent manufacturing, the new digital factories are using machine learning, predictive analytics, and the cloud to increase production efficiency and gain visibility across the entire value chain. Microsoft is continually seeing our partners and customers use IoT to transform the manufacturing industry in exciting and innovative ways. Companies like Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Thermoplan are all finding new scenarios to drive success through IoT.

The IoT in Action event series is a chance to meet and collaborate with Microsoft’s customers and partner ecosystem to see how they build and deploy new IoT solutions that can be used to enable intelligent manufacturing. You will be able to hear how companies are using manufacturing IoT solutions to enjoy proactive stock control or better maintenance of machines via predictive analytics.

Find and connect with compatible partners

In addition to learning from other companies’ experiences, finding the right partners is also critical to building and scaling successful IoT manufacturing solutions. Here at Microsoft, making those connections is a top priority.

To enable these connections, the IoT in Action events will feature a digital matchmaking tool designed to help attendees identify and meet the partner or customer most suited to their immediate business need or opportunity. The global event series last year had more than 4,000 attendees from throughout the IoT partner ecosystem, and the matchmaking program helped many of them form valuable partnerships and get the resources they needed to advance their business.

Register today to reserve your seat!

IoT in Action is the ideal venue for anyone interested in learning more about enabling intelligent manufacturing through IoT. Register now to receive keynote slides from the 2018 IoT in Action event series and to gain access to technical training resources for Azure and Windows IoT.

Register for an event near you:

We’ll be rolling out events in additional locations around the world, so stay tuned! Also, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the IoT in Action webinar series for other manufacturing IoT resources.