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Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: Build agile factories of the future

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world, the ability to adapt quickly to rapid change is a defining factor between manufacturers that merely survive and those that thrive. As they face ongoing challenges like rising costs, supply chain issues, and skills gaps, many manufacturers are building agile, smart factories to ensure a resilient and sustainable future. These organizations are tapping into innovative manufacturing solutions to improve supply chain visibility, boost efficiencies, and streamline the entire manufacturing process.

If you want to gain an edge in manufacturing, now is the time to embrace intelligent cloud solutions and drive new levels of agility. Learn how in the fourth installment of our on-demand webinar series, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing Series: Part 4 – Agile Factory of the Future. You’ll discover how to get clear manufacturing process insights and make informed decisions to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency within your operations. Plus, you’ll hear success stories from Microsoft customers like Outokumpu that are building agile, smart factories by adopting a data-driven mindset.

“Imagine if the technology existed so you could know exactly where each coil of steel you buy comes from, what’s in it, and how large its CO2 footprint is. Then you start to create an additional business opportunity, a new feature that nobody else has at the moment: the ability to guarantee a certain environmental footprint.”—Stefan Erdmann, Senior Vice President and CTO, Outokumpu.

In this webinar, you’ll also learn more about Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, which is now available for preview. Learn how to increase agility with this industry-tailored, end-to-end cloud platform that helps securely connect your people, assets, workflow, and business processes.  

Build smart factories with innovative manufacturing solutions

Recent research shows that driving operational efficiency and agility is a top priority for manufacturers—and they’re working to achieve this goal through intelligent manufacturing solutions and smart factory strategies. According to the Microsoft 2022 IoT Signals Report surveying more than 500 manufacturers, most manufacturers across the globe are accelerating their efforts to build smart factories.

The upcoming report also shows that operational efficiency is still a top goal for manufacturers. Four out of five manufacturers consider overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to be the most important area for improvement. However, over the next three years, they expect to see the biggest improvements in cybersecurity, sustainability, and quality. Additionally, manufacturers are facing new challenges with smart factory initiatives—particularly when it comes to developing new software applications and dealing with skills gaps in data science, AI, and cybersecurity.  

In the fourth installment of our on-demand webinar series, we’ll discuss these and other findings with our partner PTC Inc. Plus, you’ll find out how to drive digital transformation and smart factory efforts with PTC’s cloud solution, Factory Insights as a Service.

You’ll also hear how forward-thinking manufacturers are embracing internet of things (IoT), edge computing, AI, and machine learning to improve performance and anticipate supply chain shifts through actionable insights and real-time visibility. They’re tapping into these tools to build more agile factories and:

  • Ensure business continuity and build resilience.
  • Drive safe and secure production with reliable quality and yield.
  • Optimize their use of resources.

3 ways to amplify agility in manufacturing

  1. Boost asset productivity. Manufacturers can build agile factories and smart manufacturing processes with predictive technologies, IoT, and mixed reality. This allows them to improve throughput, quality, and delivery while reducing costs.
  2. Enhance operational visibility. By providing a 360-degree view of overall plant systems and workflow, manufacturers empower operators to analyze problems and enhance workflow efficiency.
  3. Improve production operations. Manufacturing organizations can increase production efficiency and quality and reduce downtime by advising, assisting, and augmenting factory workers with AI and autonomous systems.

To learn more ways to build agile, smart factories, download the infographic, “Build more agile factories.”

Explore how Microsoft partners are driving agility

Our large ecosystem of industry partners expands the value of Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing with additional solutions to help manufacturers overcome their greatest challenges. Manufacturers are gaining better visibility and building more agile factories through a combination of these intelligent manufacturing solutions, including edge computing.   

“Manufacturing edge environments are remarkably complex with high levels of infrastructure, data, and system variability across sites. They need to connect everything that matters in real-time. Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, with its emphasis on open standards, cloud-based architectures, global reach, and best-in-class security, helps remove barriers and creates efficiencies that enable companies to scale their successes.”—Catherine Kniker, Chief Strategy Officer, PTC Inc.

Additionally, Celli Group, which produces dispensing equipment for global beverage companies, transformed its business model with IoT. Partnering with Microsoft and PTC, Celli Group created IntelliDraught—a connected beverage distribution system that turns equipment into smart devices that unlock insights where beverages are dispensed. The solution improves quality, sales, service, and inventory management for Celli Group’s customers.

“When our business side is engaging with customers, their IT teams feel peace of mind when they see we’re working with Microsoft and PTC.”—Paolo Cavalsassi, Global Commercial Director, Celli Group.

Create the productive, smart factory of the future

As rising costs, supply chain issues, skills gaps, and other challenges escalate, manufacturers are using intelligent cloud and edge solutions to build agile smart factories. If you want to future-proof your manufacturing organization, you must look for new ways to make data-driven decisions through industrial IoT, cloud, AI, and mixed reality solutions. These technologies and the insights they provide will help you improve quality, productivity, and efficiency within your production facilities and adapt quickly to change.   

Watch our on-demand webinar, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing Series: Part 4 – Agile Factory of the Future, to find new ways to drive agility and reimagine manufacturing. For more insights, download the infographic “Build more agile factories.”